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May 13, 2013 07:14 PM

Good Vitamax soup/smoothie receipt?

My family bought the costco vitamax 6300 last week and we been loving it so far. However, my brother found the soup taste disgusting. Naturally it is vegatable based soup and not as "tasty" as canned soup lol. Anyone here can recommend some good receipt for me to try? I am also thinking of mading coconut/manga smoothie... any idea how to proceed?

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  1. Did you put enough salt in the soup?

    1. I am sure i added enough salt. My guess he didnl;t like the semi raw favor of the vegetable. I was making the Tortilla Soup. I am thinking... would roasting the vegetable in oven before putting it in vitamix improve the soup favor?

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        Roasted vegetables make great soup. Make sure to season the vegetables well before roasting. The hard part for me is not eating all the roasted vegetables first.

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          You could roast, sauté or even microwave them if you/he prefers cooked taste.

        2. Gratz on your recent purchase. Greens plus fruit. Fool around and have fun. Since I don't use any chemicals on my lawn this time of year the small new dandelion leaves make the greens part free!

          1. I use mine for cream soups. The vita mix makes it "creamy" without milk or cream. I like cream of asparagus, broccoli, tomato, squash soups. No recipe, but I use cooked veg of choice, sautéed onion, garlic, whatever... Chicken stock and seasonings. Put it all in the vitamix warm and start it up. It will get creamy and really hot.

            For smoothies, I like coconut water or milk, spinach, apple (maybe a handful of berries for sweetness or a tiny bit of stevia if needed) and ice cubes on top. Blend until smooth.

            Spinach apple and spinach banana are favorite green combos at my house. Can't taste the spinach at all, but its not so sweet as a fruit smoothie.

            1. Plain/Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream, milk, frozen mango cubes (I get from Trader Joe's), banana & honey to taste. You can also add coconut here.

     (just skip the WS smoothie mixer
              )Start by making half the recipe as it is filling. I've used plain Trader Joe's yogurt as well as Greek. If don't like it, play with the measurements to suit your taste. Reminds me of a shake I used to have at Good Earth yeeeears ago.

              A "green" smoothie... (I also add three ice cubes)