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May 13, 2013 07:10 PM

small wedding reception? (moco/pg county)

hi all,

i asked this question a few months ago but most of the suggestions were out of our price range. we are looking for a venue for a small wedding reception (about 15-20 people). we are particularly looking in the college park/silver spring/bethesda areas but are open to other areas as well. also, my future mother-in-law is quite a picky eater and we would prefer simple, american cuisine.

any suggestions are much appreciated.

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  1. Hi Blue,

    Since no one else has answered, I will give it a try. I live near downtown Silver Spring so my answers will be confined to that area. If you are looking for reasonable prices, Bethesda is probably not a good idea anyway.

    Most the restaurants in Silver Spring are ethnic of one sort or another. For upscale American, there is Mrs K's and Jackies, but those are probably too expensive. (If you are interested in those, Jackies has better food, but Mrs K's has a beautiful old building.)

    I suggest you try Sergio's Ristorante Italiano. It's a nice neighborhood Italian restaurant with pleasant atmosphere and reasonable prices. (They are so old school they don't even have a website, but here is a link to a menu Although it's Italian, I'm sure your MIL could get grilled chicken or fish and ask them to leave off the sauce.

    Another possibility would be McGinty's
    It's a pub downstairs, but they have a nice dining room upstairs. I think the food is on the boring side, but maybe that's what you're looking for.

    Good luck.