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May 13, 2013 06:42 PM

Rabbit - Where to Go in Paris

Hello- Looking for suggestions for places that have a good rabbit dish. I love rabbit and it is not too often seen at restaurants where we live. We will be staying in the 17th, but would travel to eat. We would be going for dinner since my other half will be at work during the day. Our budget is about 30 euros pp (not including wine) and that is a splurge meal for us! going in a few weeks, thank you for any suggestions.

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  1. Rabbit is not a thing you see every day in Paris restaurants. It does occur, but infrequently, and you never know when and where you will find it.

    The only exception is game season, when lièvre à la royale is a prominent dish in many bistros and restaurants. That's some sort of wabbit.

    1. One place that always used to have lapin a la moutard that was actually pretty good is Astier. Don't know if they still have it since we stopped going several years ago. Astier was a favorite but it has gone so far down hill that we haven't been for at least ten years.

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        You might also call Chez Denise. It's probably just my imagination, but it seems to me that rabbit disappeared from Paris' menus right after they tore out the rabbit warrens abutting CDG's runways. Just coincidence, I'm sure...

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          I had an unexpectedly good meal there last month. I couldn't get in to any of the 35 better restaurants in the neighborhood, and I was with a friend. No reservation. I give the front of the house a look like "I know this isn't going to be a very good meal." We split the cote de boeuf and it was big and excellent. My friend is not a big beef eater (Hindu), and he's still raving about it.

          I had the boudin noir starter which was also very good plus a bottle of an excellent Rasteau that was one of the cheaper bottles on the wine list (got the last bottle).

          Anyway, I thought I should share....

        2. In the 17th, I can't think of any resto that has it as a standard. Le Petit Champerret on the rue Vernier and Le Clocher Pereire on the boulevard Pereire very occasionally have or had a rabbit plat du jour. I also remember seeing lapin à la moutarde as one of the takeaway "plats cuisinés" at Maison Pou (sorry about the name!) épicerie/ deli on the avenue Ternes @ rue Poncelet but probably not a standard item there... you'll have to check it out... not really a chore because Maison Pou and the nearby rue Poncelet shopping street/ "rue commerçante" are delightful as is the 17th's other (and larger) trad shopping street, the rue de Lévis near Villiers métro.

          In other parts of Paris, I've had a excellent de-boned rabbit concoction at Pramil on the rue Vertbois in the 3rd and it seems to appear and re-appear with some regularity. Astier in the 11th does indeed usually have lapin à la moutarde ... I'm not as anti-Astier as most other Chowhounders but it is above your price ceiling. As already suggested, Chez Denise in Les Halles also does a good version but not always on the menu and you will have to cut down on other things to get away for under 30€ The sweet old-school bistro Le Petit Pascal on the rue Pascal in the 14th (just at the border with the 5th) does have lapin à la moutarde as a standard and at your price point but that's a long trek for you. In almost the same neighbourhood, the very very good Cornichon on the rue Gassendi has a delish cocotte de lapin citron for 20€ (and a 3-course 34€ dinner "formule") but again, a long way from where you are. Must be something in the water in the 14th because there used to be a resto called Monsieur Lapin on the rue Raymond Losserand that specialized in rabbit...but, unfortunately, closed a year or two ago.

          1. Thanks to all for this info. I added them to my list of places to eat by arrondissement and once I am there and have a plan figured out, I'll call each day for a reservation. Can't wait!

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              Had Lapin au moutarde yesterday-- was on the menu but I don't think the carte at Le Trumilou (84, quai de l'Hôtel de Ville) was good but not outstanding, I added more mustard to the sauce. Was not crowded, rainy day, went for a late lunch at 2.