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May 13, 2013 04:06 PM

Under $1000 Propane Grill recs needed (with side burner)

I'm starting the great BBQ hunt for DH's b'day gift next month.

I know I need:
-side burner
-more rounded than flat grates
-Sturdy construction preferable to flimsy (recently saw a KA grill at Costco that got nixed because of flimsy hood)

Anything come to mind? With the Weber's we've been seeing in that price range, he hasn't liked the grates on the grill (flat, thick) (on the Genesis E models).

Or, do I need to bump up the price point? And, if so, what would your recommend?

So far, the Genesis S-330 is the top runner.

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  1. I have a Genesis 300 series that is about five years old. The grates are a very heavy stainless, the tube shaped pieces being about a quarter of an inch thick. I love it. I throw some wood chips in a steel smoke box, turn it on, let it preheat five to ten minutes, and cook. I kept the grates immaculate a few years and finally wised up. Now I brush with a metal grill brush after preheating and before cooking. Duh!

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    1. re: tim irvine

      :) Thanks for chiming in! I'm glad to hear you love it and the grates work well!

    2. Look at the Napoleon line of grills. I have the P500. Fantastic grill.

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      1. re: FoodMan88

        Wow - those are beautiful grills! Looks like its P500 vs. S-330!

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            What I like about the Napoleon over the Weber (which is a very nice grill) is I got the size and BTUs of a much bigger (and more expensive) Weber. The P500 has the best searing I've seen in a propane grill. The base P500 is a little under $1,000, and the infrared and side burner are each $150 options. Over the years I've had all kinds of gas grills to complement my charcoal smokers. The Napoleon has given me the most bang for the buck.

      2. Consumer Reports just came out with their recommendations. Weber and Vermont Castings (sold at Home Depot) came out on top. I've been using Weber products for years and really like them. They have tradionaly stood behind their products and you can get replacement parts for just about every grill they ever made.

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        1. re: mike0989

          Do you recall which models came out on top?

          1. re: The Oracle

            Weber Spirit SP-320 - No 1
            Spirit SP-320 - No 2
            Vermont Castings VCS300SSP - No 3
            VCS323SSP - No 4 (indicated it's similar to No 3)
            Weber Genesis S-330 - No 5
            Genesis S-310 - No 6

            Two Charbroil and two additional Spirit rounded out the top 10

        2. Weber, hands down. I'd still be using the one I bought 20 years ago, but I gave it to my grandson when his Brinkman gave up after about 3 or 4 years. It gave me an excuse to buy a new one with a side-burner. Love it!

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            1. re: The Oracle

              I got the Genesis S-320 just like the one in this photo.

          1. Another devoted Weber user. Bought a Genesis E-310 (no side burner) a couple years ago to replace a 15+ yr old Genesis(?).

            We grill 4+ nights per week - year round! The Weber holds up well to the elements especially if you get the cover ($40-50).

            The grate on the E series is heavy cast iron and with preheating to 600 degrees, it puts great sear marks on any cut of meat. Their flatter shape does a good job supporting more delicate veggies or seafood.

            The stainless flavorizer bars (burner covers) hold up well but will still rust out over a few years. No worries, you can practically rebuild the entire grill with available parts on the shelf at your local Lowes, HDepot or Ace hardware.

            We had the side burner on our old Weber grill and I rarely used as it was easily affected by wind. The btu's weren't super high so it'd take forever to get a pot of water boiling for corn. It was OK for keeping sauces on a low simmer.

            Best value grill out there and a great work horse.