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May 13, 2013 03:37 PM

Best gastropub?

Stay in the financial district but willing to take a short cab ride. What bar has great food?

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  1. JM Curley has a great cocktail/beer list and very good food (and it is in Downtown Crossing, which is right next to FiDi). Look no further.

    1. If you love craft beer paired with interesting food check out Deep Ellum.

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      1. re: AndOne

        Deep Ellum is a wonderful spot, but not really sure that's the right fit for the OP. Allston can be one hell of a cab ride from the financial district.

        I'd agree with ebone that JM Curley is your best bet. There's really not much else at that level in that general neighborhood.

        1. re: mkfisher

          Not really a gastropub, but Silvertone on Bromfield street is much better than your average Financial District pub food. Gallows in the South End is another possibility and fits within the short cab ride criteria. You may also want to take a look at the Tip Tap Room but I have not been so I can't vouch for the food. Also perhaps the Parish Cafe on Boylston. None of these are true gastropubs but they all offer pretty good food/drink.

          1. re: Gordough

            Silvertone's food surprised me. I'd call their veggie burger one of my top 3 favorites in town. It's a solid, unpretentious establishment that is a gem in that area.

            Stoddard's is my favorite beer establishment (I do dig their cocktails too) in that area, and the bar manager has worked hard to not only get rare and unusual kegs for their 30 tap lines, but brings in more brewers for events than any other place in the area.

            I have heard that the food at JM Curley is worth checking out, but I have been remiss.


      2. I enjoyed Blue Dragon...went early and loved the Longg Punch and lots of many great apps/plates...great servers, very hip, very crowded...

        1. Not sure if they classify as gastropubs but both Stoddards and Scholars have a decent craft beer selection

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            1. re: Beachowolfe

              Both of those do have good beer selections, but they are also both in the same vicinity as JM Curley (Stoddards on the same street). With location basically making all things equal, I am picking JM Curley every time and it's not close. Stoddards does have a much larger selection of draft beer, but that is the only win I am giving them.

            2. re: amljml

              I laughed when I read Scholars had a good craft beer selection. Turns out I was wrong. Looked at their website, and they have a shockingly good list. Would have never guessed that.

              1. re: mkfisher

                Their beer isn't bad - but the food definitely isn't "gastropub" worthy. I think it's fine on a good day.

                1. re: addiez

                  Yes. Wasn't suggesting it for the OP. More of just shock that a place like that has a decent list.

                2. re: mkfisher

                  I think this is more a testament of how far we've come than the quality of Scholars - honestly w/ a couple of exceptions the current list doesn't look that out of place compared to dozens of other bars in the city. The only one that really made me say "huh!" was the rotating Founders tap and even that's becoming more commonplace these days.

                  That's not a knock on Scholars nor your comment - it just struck me when I looked at the list and said, "Damn, 5 years ago I'd have killed for that and now it doesn't phase me"

                  1. re: jgg13

                    Craft beers are becoming mainstream. The Belgium's are a bit more elusive. I remember special road trips to New York to get Hoegaarden on tap. Now it's sits next to Blue Moon just about everywhere. But I digress.

                    1. re: shoeman

                      Thanks to many of them being InBev products it's pretty easy to find a lot of that stuff these days. IIRC Scholars had Tremens which isn't as common as say, Chimay but it's not *un*common either.

                      And yes, I'd much prefer Scholars' beer list to "We have both kinds, bud and bud light" but it is nuts their list is closer to the norm than not.

                      Re Hoegaarden - Charlie's Kitchen has had it for ages, fairly cheap too. Of course, as you say it's pretty ubiquitous now. I do really wish they'd cut it with the stupid 1445 (or whatever) marketing considering it started up in the late 60s.

              2. If I were you, I'd have a beer or 3 at Stoddards. It has a great bit of Boston history and an extensive beer list.

                Then I'd walk across the street to JM Curley's for some great food and an interesting beer/cocktail list.

                No more than a 10 min walk from the FD.

                Tip Tap is also great but just a snitch further from the FD...and I don't really know the places nearby.

                I think you'll really enjoy the 2 for 1 of Stoddard's and Curley's.