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Falafel in Calgary

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Any tips out there for really good falafel in Calgary?

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  1. I like the Falafel King and Jimmy's A&A.

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      2nd the rec for Jimmy's A&A Deli-it's messy goodness :)

    2. I like Chickpea's! They are on 8th Ave between 7th St & 6th St.

      1. Cedar's for a quick trip.

        1. Thanks for the various suggestions. I was in the area so went for a falafel at Chickpeas for lunch. They have quite the assembly line operation. It was pretty good, with nice add-ons. But, perhaps because they were so busy, the patties were pre-fried, some toppings were cold, and the pita wasn't warmed up that much. It was generally luke-warm all through. They briefly put the finished sandwich in a hot press, whereas I find throwing the pita on the grill for a few seconds before assembly can be a good way to go. But it was generally pretty decent, and they've certainly got a good lunchtime business going there.

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            I didn't think of that. I usually get the falafel (or beef) salad so it's a cold dish anyways.

          2. Lately, I've been liking the ones from Mazaj on 7th Ave SW between 1st and 2nd St (across from Scotia Centre) and a couple of doors down from the Calgary Transit office. I also liked their hummus.

            1. Thanks, have to try out some of these other falafel places. A couple of months ago in another city I had two excellent falafels from different restaurants. At both, the patties were fried to order. Apart from good toppings and assembly, frying the patties to order does seem to be very important, with superior results to having them pre-made and sitting under heat lamps. I don’t mind standing around for a few minutes while they fry. One of the places also had interesting varietal patties with toppings to match. Salma Hage’s recent book “The Lebanese Kitchen” has 7 different varieties of falafel patties. So things are moving along in the falafel world.