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Who has best scones in Twins Cities

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Wanted to ask where to get real scones in the Twin Cities. Yesterday, I was at cafe and they had scones, but were literally biscuits with fruit in them.

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  1. I've had a very nice scone (oat-maple) at Rustica. Probably the best scone texture I've encountered in the state.

    1. Cafe Pateen in the Skyway on 9th and 2nd in Downtown Minneapolis - also Allie's in the skyway on 6th and 2nd.

        1. Rustica has the best texture and flavor.

          1. Surdyks has fantastic scones.

            1. Traditional English scones are pretty close to biscuits with fruit in them, honestly, so I feel like that's a good thing?

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                Thanks for posting this because when I first read this yesterday I thought maybe I was missing something or misread the word scone.

                I was always taught that traditional English scones were very close to the American biscuit (just a tiny bit sweeter with a small amount of sugar in the dough) - intended to be lighter and doused with jam and clotted cream. The American monstrosities I see everywhere are far too sweet and dense and not conducive to jam or cream. I'm not saying they are bad necessarily, they're just not a proper scone.

                So this begs the question to the OP - just where did you find this proper scone?

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                  I was going to nominate Colossal Cafe, which has great blueberry scones. Reading amishangst's post suggest that they probably fall in the category of "American monstrosities". These are sweet, but not at all dense.

                  Not being European, however, I'm not offended. I would agree, though, that they are not conducive to jam or cream.