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May 13, 2013 02:29 PM

Dinner hopping

Would we be OK to hop around for our dinner....Herbsaint for the spaghetti with guanciale and then an appetizer or 2 at Emerils and then see how we feel? I know we can just stop in to Emerils and eat at the bar...can we do that at Herbsaint?

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  1. We have stopped in at Emeri'ls and just ate dessert. They were okay with it. On the left hand side there are several tables that they usually place people ordering just dessert or appetizers.

    1. Herbsaint has a very small bar -- perhaps 6 stools.

      1. We did something like that on a recent trip and found it to be a great way to experience numerous restaurants for both food and cocktails and also space out our mini meals enough that we didn't leave anywhere in a food coma. One visit we did apps/light dishes at Luke, SouBou, Sylvain, and Three Muses (working our way from the CBD to FQ to the Marigny), and another we did apps and drinks Meauxbat, then Baccanal and then dinner at Maurepas Foods. I think it works well at restaurants that have bar seating and/or a larger sit down bar area but might not be the best option for the really high end places.