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May 13, 2013 02:02 PM

Fresh Fish in Bergen County

I make fish every shabbos and was wondering if anyone could recommend a place to buy great fresh fish- emphasis on the fresh- in Bergen County. I have been buying from the Fairway in Paramus but their selection is getting kind of old. Kashrut is not an issue here, I do not need the market or the fish to be certified. If it is, great. If not that's ok too, as long as the fish is kosher its fine for me. Thank you.

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  1. In Westchester we have an H Mart, which is a korean supermarket. It is kosher friendly in two areas - produce and fish. The fish at ours is fantastic. They may have a location in Bergen County; I don't know.

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      I had heard about Hmart as we have a few here in NJ but wasn't sure whether it was worth the short ride out. But it sounds like it is. Thanks!

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        It's good for two yomtovs - Shavuot (for fish) and Rosh Hashanah (for random fruits), among other events.

    2. I agree with craigcep about h mart. there r several locations in bergen county.
      also Dovid's in Teaneck(hope they r still open).
      When I lived in Jersey I would buy fish from them.
      Vegetable market on Main Street in Hackensack.
      There is also Mitsuwa-Japanese Market in Edgewater.
      (expensive-but the best fish in the county esp. for sushi-it is a great experience)

      you might also cross post in New Jersey Category

      1. I have been buying from Sonny's Seafood in Little Ferry NJ, and it is pretty great seafood. I was upset for a while that I couldn't find a good spot either, then I stumbled upon Sonny's. I've had the grey sole, shrimp, and scallops... all very fresh. Not even a hint of a fishy smell.

        People I work with rave about Peter's Fish Market in Midland Park. It just won best seafood shop in Best of Bergen 2013, so it must be pretty decent!

        1. Teaneck Fish Market on Cedar Lane is very high quality, with equally high prices