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May 13, 2013 01:30 PM

Fresh Pasta in the North End

We haven't been to Boston in a few years but I remember a deli/market in the Norht End that had FABULOUS food and fresh pasta. I think they also had a restaurant that they sold the fresh pasta in but I can't remember the name. Any places come to mind that use Fresh Pasta? I used the search function for the North End but nothing came up.

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  1. Monica's Mercato? Excellent place. There are two Monica's restaurants in addition to the market, Monica's Trattoria and Vinoteca di Monica.

    It was reported in another thread that the Mercato is in the process of expanding into the space next door. That can only be good news.

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      The "new" side is open and they are in the process of renovating the original side.

    2. Sounds like Monica's.

      1. Yes and I think we ate at both!

        One of the days the Waitress came over and said "The Stanley Cup is here" and pointed out the window. Sure enough Andrew Ferrence was there parading through the North End with the cup. My husband said we were there Labour Day 2011.

        The food was EXCELLENT so I wanted to go back. I'm packing a cooler and bringing home more fresh pasta from the Mercato.