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May 13, 2013 01:02 PM

Posto Pig Roast Report

After several false starts and years of longing I finally rounded up enough people to do a pig roast at Posto. I chose Posto over Citizen's Public because the sides sounded more alluring, and I knew the pigs they serve had previously had a happy, free ranging, organic life (the ones at CP might too--I just don't know either way).

Over all it was mixed, food-wise. The presentation was lovely, the sides very good, and the pork meat itself wonderful, moist, tender, and flavorful. However the skin was inedible--crisp, yes, but so leathery it wasn't even cut-able, let alone chewable. The staff person at Posto said that was because it was a young pig. I have no idea if this is true or not, but as crackling skin is a major draw for me, that was a pretty big disappointment.

From a social point of view the evening was a huge success, though, so I have no regrets. I guess I'll have to try CP some time!

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  1. Thanks for that report. My one experience cooking pork belly led to the same result with the skin, and like you I was very disappointed. Glad the rest of the meat was good (as was my pork belly other than the skin).

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      Hi Gretchen--It was! Great apple/sausage stuffing inside, too.

      By the way, in an effort to get good pork with crackling skin I tried various Chinatown eateries about a year ago. You can read my report here:

      Conclusion: Lots of good skin at Quik-Pic! But then again we did not try the whole pig there.