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Long lines @ specialty icecream shops due to sample "tasting".

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Has it gone too far? Four people in a group sampling 4 flavors each X how many groups are ahead of you = annoying IMO. Can you imagine if restaurants followed this practice? I say "Take a chance, be surprised. You might even like it".

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  1. If I am going to pay $10 for a scoop of organic, naturally pasteured, humanely milked by an 11 year old verified virgin maiden from the left hind teat only, hand cranked with kosher salt and fair trade labor, you better believe I am going to have a taste.

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      LOL! Go on and hold up the line to get your $10 worth then.

    2. I think Larry David is in agreement with you.


      1. LOL...

        I've watched, on several occasions, a group of people (lots of adults not only children) who'll actually stand in line and put the counter person through unimaginable hoops to taste 10 different flavors and walk out the door with nothing...
        Only to say 'thanks' but 'no thanks nothing really tasted like something we'd like to buy'.

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          I KNOW!!!...they are lured to the specialty shops by the exotic flavors, then go around the corner to Safeway and buy a gallon of the house vanilla flavor.

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            Or just take photos and leave. :)

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              I only do that in bars.

            2. Most ice cream shops I visit have posted signs limiting each customer to 2 samples. I will sample if I'm curious about a new-to-me flavor, but usually I don't sample. I know what nutella/lemon/pistachio/etc taste like, and I trust that my ice cream shop is making a good product because it's been good every time I've been in the past.

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              1. re: mpjmph

                Exactly! Thank you.

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                  I'm the same and rarely ask for sample but yes our local has signs limiting tastings.

                  I've seen some people totally blatantly asking for samples when they have no intention to buy, so rude!

                  1. re: helen_m

                    I also rarely sample either. I always feel like I am holding people up.

                2. I wish they would put all the taste/sample tables in one corner of the store at Costco so the "tasters" will just be in each others way. Honestly, have you ever heard anyone say after a "taste", "Oh my God this is excellent, where is it, I'm going to buy some right now!".

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                  1. re: mrbigshotno.1

                    Usually not at Costco, but I buy after a taste at wine shops ALL the time.

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                      I did after tasting the product Blaze (balsamic glaze) on a piece of cheese. Bought it on the spot! At Costco, the demonstration company may be the same outfit but the products jockey for attention, limiting their space to one area would cause taste overload, be separated from the product for purchase and def. generate calls to the Costco home office.

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                        Not at Costco but I have at TJs and at WFs.

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                          I've purchased items after tasting them at Costco - most recently sausages, cheese, and crackers.

                          But I do agree about corralling them into a discrete area. Such a gigantic PITA to navigate around all the people snacking, stopping, snacking, stopping.

                        2. I do wish they would have extra staff on those busy days - one person (or more) just doing tastes for people in line - and another (or more) person just scooping for people who know what they want.

                          I like tasting so I wouldn't want to do away with that per se, but when you know what you want and you see everyone behind the counter just standing there waiting for people to taste, think about it, talk to their friends, look for another flavor, taste again - and so on and so on - it drives me insane. I feel like someone could scoop and ring me up in the time it takes them to taste one flavor!!!!!

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                            I like the idea of separate lines for those wanting to sample, and those knowing what they want. Then after they know what they want they can queue up in the ordering line. ; )

                          2. One of the ice cream shops I visited last year attaches two random scoops of ice cream on tiny spoons to the cone or cup you order. This is such a fabulous idea to try new flavors while NOT holding up anyone, I wish more shops would do this.

                            But I hope that samples never go away. They help market likes and dislikes for both the owner & customer.

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                            2. ~

                              1. Heck yeah I sample. There's a wide variation in flavors- some lemon, for example, is mouth puckering and some is insipid. I don't make a big production and I don't sample then not buy, but I don't want to buy a $5 cup of crappy ice cream or gelato that I'm not gonna eat.

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                                1. re: Hobbert

                                  How does that differ from spending your $$ on an entree without sampling?

                                  1. re: letsindulge

                                    Uh, because they don't offer samples...

                                    1. re: Hobbert

                                      Amuse Bouche?

                                      Has anybody walked out after trying one?

                                      1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                                        Haha maybe. I've never had an amuse that was an actual sample of the entree I ordered, though.

                                2. You should try shopping at Costco on a Sunday. It's like the brunch line for Sarabeth's.

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                                  1. re: JungMann

                                    Fortunately I can do my Costco runs early afternoons, and mid-week.