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May 13, 2013 12:20 PM

Itinerary almost set for First trip, just a few gaps, please help

With some great help I've get most of my trip planned. Saturday Farallon for dinner (its close to the Theater where I'm seeing a 9:30 show). Sunday Brunch at Cafe De La Press or Mama's, oysters at Fisherman's Wharf before I take night tour of Alcatraz, Zuni Cafe @9:45 when I return. Monday Market Bank fir breakfast before biking the bridge The Slanted Door for lunch and Ame for dinner. Tuesday lunch at Chow Bar or Zazis after biking the bark and before shopping on Haight St Atelier Crenn for dinner.
I would love a breakfast suggestion near the Clift Hotel 495 Gear St and 2 or 3 suggestions for late night drinks maybe with music or entertainment.
Also what id the dress code for Am and Crenn?

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  1. Crenn is a very special place, in my opinion. Ame and Crenn are both a little more formal than anything else on your list, Ame a little less so than Crenn. for neither would i say it's an absolute jacket-and-tie-required kind of place. i wore a nice skirt to both (i don't really wear pants very often) (black, which is my usual, top and bottom). i think if you're not wearing worn-out jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirts, etc., you'd be ok. you know, a nice dress maybe.

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      People look very put together at the sit down/formal/prix fixe places. It's not so much about what you are wearing (e.g. there will be, esp. the guys, people in jeans), it's how you are wearing it.

      If nothing else, I'd try to pack some other shoes with you if you are planning to wear sneakers/keens. Also remember to layer! It gets cold/foggy at night and in the shade.

      I don't know if this helps but really the only thing you won't see many wearing is white tennis shoes:

      Standard uniform for women in the city right now out to dinner at a nicer place is dark skinny pants, loose fitting blouse or shirt, a little jacket. Or a dark colored casual fabric short dress with tights. Ballet flats, ankle booties or scary architectural shoes. Makeup understated. Hair understated. You won't see many people in shiny cocktail dresses/sequiny dresses.

      Men tend to wear jeans if they trend casual or slacks with lots of layers ending with a nice jacket or sweater. And no sneakers/athletic shoes.

    2. Brenda's French Soul Food is good for breakfast, note that it's a small place so there could be a substantial wait. ( Same can be said for Mama's. )   As far as drinks, Swig is near the Clift.  

      You  mentioned oysters at fishermans wharf. I'm not sure what's at the wharf, but if you are going to bike along the Embarcadero, you might try Hog Island Oyster Co in the Ferry Bldg.  You can also get good oysters at Zuni.

      1. Late night drinks/entertainment you may want to look into what Yoshi's has scheduled.