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May 13, 2013 11:49 AM

Coming soon (but not soon enough) The Dairy! (outside of Philly)

For Mother;s Day yesterday The Dairy had a lovely , super delish brunch buffett at Lower Merion Synagogue. Lucky me, my husband took me and it was wonderful! They had a full display of yummy brunch treats but some of my favs were the mushrom/swiss blinntzes (they made sweet ones too) ad the very best bagels I have ever eaten EVER and creamy, flavorful creme cheese with scalons, lemon/poppy twists and stunning desserts plus mimosas: and diet Coke:) And wonderful service and two interesting cooking demos too:) I was a HAPPY, Happy stepmommy yesterday! My Carnivore husband was a happy, happy man too:) .
Both of us can not wait for The Dairy to open- I know we will be frequent visitors:)

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