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May 13, 2013 10:59 AM

Food worthy stops from Granada to Seville

My husband and I are driving from Granada to Seville (in 1 day) in a couple of weeks and we were planning on stopping in at least 1 small town along the way. We still haven't decided whether we're gonna go a little out of the way near Ronda and other hill towns or stick to a more direct path by Antequara and Osuna, but my main question is: are there any bodegas/farms/wineries/food producers worth visiting along either of those paths? Unfortunately, Jerez and all those other sherry towns are too far out of our way, but we'd love to visit some type of artisan food producer since we'll have the car. Like maybe a jamon producer? Sherry bodega? Anything along those lines. Thanks in advance for any tips you could give us!

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  1. You'll be driving through olive country and there are many almazaras (mills) you could visit. You don't mention when you are going--to see the action (harvest, pressing, etc.), that would be most interesting in the late fall/winter. Basilippo near Sevilla (in El Viso del Alcor) does tours and all sorts of educational stuff--but there are also lots of other small towns along the way with farms, museums, restaurants, etc. dedicated to olive oil. Antequera has a museum and is known for the hojiblanca variety. There are also cheese-producing towns a bit to the north of the Antequera route (like Zuheros). If you are going in the dead of summer, the heat might be too much for wandering around much outside during daylight hours, though.

    For wine, Sherry (Jerez) is way to the east. Between Granada and Sevilla you've got the Málaga D.O. with its Pedro Ximénez varieties and also D.O. Montilla Moriles to the north, which produces wines similar to Sherry: finos, amontillados, olorosos, palo cortado, etc.--most of which never leave the region.These spots are really off the beaten path by comparison. You can see info here:

    http://www.rutadelvinomontillamoriles... (You'll see places listed under "grape presses" and "cellars.")

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      Thank you so much, that website is fantastic! I think we're gonna drive from Granada to Antequara to Montilla then on to Sevilla. It was a tough choice as we're missing out on Ronda and the other hill towns, but we didn't want to over schedule our one day of driving. Thanks again!

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        Sounds like a great plan! Please report back. I'm dying to hear about all that you eat and drink.

    2. We are making the drive from Seville to Granada tomorrow. Were hoping got stop at the Mezquita in Granada but because it is a Sunday the timing is not going to work. Any suggestions for a lunch stop or interesting stop between Seville and Granada on a Sunday?