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May 13, 2013 10:58 AM

South Beach: Solo at the Mondrian

Coming for 4 nights in June, travelling solo and staying at the Mondrian (no car). All I can think of is walking to Lincoln Road and grabbing a seat at a bar for dinner. I'd rather find something more "local" and low-key. Any specific recs for lunches & dinners, either American, Italian, Indian, or Thai places nearby that are suitable for solo eaters. Someplace I won't feel out of place with a book or an iPad. I also plan to hit La Perilla Liberty for steak one night. Thanks.

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  1. Macchialina is a short walk from your hotel.

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    1. re: SobeChower

      +1 on macchialina

      Unami burger just opened as well and is also very close. I have not been yet.

      I do hear good things about Giotto pizza right around there as well but have never been.

      I would do PB Steak or even Baires over Liberty.

      1. re: SobeChower

        I've eaten alone at the bar at Macchialina and had a great meal and a nice time.

        1. re: emily

          Thanks everyone -- I went to Macchialina and had a great time sitting at the bar. Got some excellent ordering advice from the bartender. I had a broccoli panzanella over whipped ricotta to start, and then had the pasta with meatballs. It was perfect on a stormy night when I didn't want to venture too far from the Mondrian, though I'd go again regardless of the weather.

          1. re: Frosty Melon

            I've generally had great luck with server recommendations here and at the other Pubbelly restaurants.