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May 13, 2013 10:07 AM

Suggestions for Good Fleishig Restaurant in Brooklyn

Looking for a suggestion for a good Brooklyn, Fleishig restaurant, NOT fast food, not TOO expensive, reasonably nice.

Borough park or Flatbush

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  1. I am partial to Jerusalem Steak House. It has locations on Avenues J and M (slightly easier to park on M if that matters). Food is typical grill and Israeli salads. Very fresh and cooked to your preference. They also start you out with a fresh hot laffa.

    1. Pardes, Chagall, Glatt a la Carte, El Gaucho, Mabat,

      1. Loved Chagall on 5th and 5th in Brooklyn

        1. Pardes has some fabulous food as well as long as you go when its not too crowded. The service issues are still working the kinks out of themselves.