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Leftover filet mignon...what to make

I've got a grilled rare to medium rare filet mignon steak leftover...ideas for this fabulous leftover?

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  1. Slice real thin and throw on a salad. My preference would be with blue cheese dressing.

    1. I grilled a couple of porterhouses on Sunday, with sauteed mushrooms and onions on the side, then last night made a beautiful frittata with some cheeses added. I had the leftovers for breakfast and was very happy.

      1. I would probably make a sandwich with it on some crusty bread with lettuce and a horseradish mayo. Either that or a steak salad with blue cheese dressing, maybe some steak fried rice?

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          there's a place close to where i used to work that would use what was leftover from their prepared foods to make sandwiches the next day.

          the best: sliced rare tenderloin with horseradish mayo on a baquette.

          not far behind: turkey meatloaf with cranberry mayo on whole grain and seafood cakes with critus mayo.

        2. Stir-fried brown rice with fish sauce cooked in, slivered ginger and garlic, sauteed onions, red pepper, diagonally cut celery, siracha if you like hot, cilantro at the end and some dry-roasted peanuts. Lay steak gently on top to heat a bit without cooking more at the end.

          1. Serve over homemade garlic bread with cheese and maybe mushrooms cooked in burgundy.

            I love filet mignon sandwiches!

            1. Faux carpaccio... slice thin as possible while still chilled, serve spread on platter with drizzle of olive oil, (flaked) salt, cracked pepper, shaved parm, fresh arugula or spinach, and torn bread on side.

              (My favorite leftover dish BTW... the husband will eye our plates at a steakhouse and ask if we can have this the next day lol.)

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                Throw it into the freezer for ~ an hour or so to make it easier to slice thin.

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                  I think thirty minutes might be enough, but I think you and The Dutchess hit it right on the head. Brilliant use of rare leftover filet!

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                    I'll give you another one to consider.....a take on Vitello Tonnato.


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                      Yep, that looks real good, real good.

              2. cube it up and make a hash.

                1. Slice into even pieces, heat in pan until just warm, serve with some over-easy eggs and toast. Nice little breakfast that hardly a meal the rest of the day will stand up to.

                  1. Sliced as thin as possible (freeze for 30 mins)...........Sourdough bread, caramelized onion, mayo or Russian dressing.

                    Do NOT attempt to reheat ......except...........get some beef broth in a pan.about a cup. Add some marsala and garlic. Heat to Boiling, turn off pan and remove from heat. When the water stops bubbling, put the beef in for 30-40 secs MAX

                    1. I make a beef version of nicoise salad - using beef tenderloin, green beans, cooked new potatoes, onions and a vinegarette. It's one of my go-to meals in the summer. I don't really have a recipe just kind of toss it together.

                      1. These are great ideas! Thanks for kick starting my brain!

                        1. too late now probably.....but sometimes i make a really decadent taco with leftover filet mignon. maybe a horseradish crema. and some sort of shredded veggie for crunch.

                          1. Call me fucked up weird, but I like cold filet mignon.

                            By itself with some ketchup.

                            With some scrambled eggs on the side. Warm scrambled eggs.

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                              Then I'm weird too. Cold is the way to go - though I generally prefer most things room temp or warmer. I'm not a real ketchup guy, but cold filet with some fresh, shredded horseradish on it . . . I'm in.

                              I've never tried it with scrambled eggs, but have made an Eggs Benedict variant using the meat and a poached egg. I'll try it your way next time.

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                                You are not weird if you like the cold filet mignon.Take a central piece of filet mignon and place it on the griil to get some colour on the outside.After a few minutes and when all sides are brown,put it in the fridge and leave it for a day.(i would prefer the fry pan instead of a grill ).It will age itself and bevome tender and pink without blood .Then you slice it and you put a few drops of olive oil, lemon and pepper.Place a nice thick piece of French goat cheece on your plate and enjoy it!
                                You can also you horseradish or cold Bearnaise sauce.Open a nice Californian red Merlot and you will have an simple but excellent meal,because when you choose the best part of the beef,the filet, eat it in the simplest form.Because simple is better sometimes!
                                P.S. You can also listen to the song " I am a simple man and i sing a simple tune...) by Graham Nash and complete your dinner.
                                My regards to Monmouth Park !

                                1. re: DTRIANT

                                  Well, according to the Webster's definition and two of the first five girls I ever asked out, I'm weird. It's cool, nevertheless, since I'm halfway through a salami pizza right now and more drunk than usual at half pas' one in the afternoon. I'm fully down with your prioritizing simplicity when it comes to solid chow, though. Terrific ideas!

                                  In fairness, I should note that my belief is that the band should've been called YSC&N in order to illustrate importance through rank. Moreover, when it comes to notions of simple in song, this is more Z:

                                  "[D]on't you worry, you'll find yourself
                                  Follow your heart and nothing else
                                  And you can do this, oh baby, if you try
                                  All that I want for you my son is to be satisfied

                                  And be a simple kind of man . . . "

                                  As to MP, they get thousands of my regards every summer. Send me your wire transfer information if you'd like to give 'em more. Otherwise, the best I can do is hand in yet another losing ticket.

                                  Hat's tipped, DT! Loved all of your post - Great stuff!

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                                Ipse, you posted at 4:40 in the morning. Are you just getting home from the disco?
                                A Brazilian bauru sandwich with filet mignon is a winner.

                                1. re: Veggo

                                  I'm in NYC.

                                  But I'm glad someone is keeping track of my curfew.

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                                  Agree, cold sliced. But I like it with dijon & Brie on a baguette.

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                                    Me too! Any cold leftover beef really. I like on a sandwich with truffle butter.

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                                      I like filet cold from the frig thinly sliced, dijon mustard and maybe some triscuits and a sharp cheddar but, sans the ketchup! You're normal Ipse! BTW - what the heck are you doi'n in NY?

                                    2. Cut the meat into slices and cook it very quickly in a pan with some butter. Put the meet aside. Take two slices of some really good sourdough bread. Butter one side of each slice and fry them in the pan that you cooked the meet in. It will absorb the tasty meet juices. Then, put the meet on the buttered sides of the bread and you have a really tasty steak sandwich.

                                      1. I was in a german restaurant once that served cold beef slices in a tuna type sauce..it was great!..a good use for the filet

                                        1. If you are going to reheat it I'd put the sliced fillet in a plastic bag and immerse it in 125 deg water for about 10 minutes. Can't overcook it this way.

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                                            This works well for re-heating meat, a poor man's sous vide. Pork loin, beef loin, lamb chop, whatever.

                                          2. I just used mine from New Years to make stroganoff, just cut a few minutes off the cooking time.

                                            1. Shame on you for having leftover filet mignon.

                                              1. Just saw this. Next time, roast beef hash.

                                                1. Slice (cold) steak as thinly as possible...then pile it on warm buttered toast for a breakfast sandwich. After one bite you will make sure you ALWAYS have leftover steak!!