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May 13, 2013 09:21 AM

Leftover filet mignon...what to make

I've got a grilled rare to medium rare filet mignon steak leftover...ideas for this fabulous leftover?

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  1. Slice real thin and throw on a salad. My preference would be with blue cheese dressing.

    1. I grilled a couple of porterhouses on Sunday, with sauteed mushrooms and onions on the side, then last night made a beautiful frittata with some cheeses added. I had the leftovers for breakfast and was very happy.

      1. I would probably make a sandwich with it on some crusty bread with lettuce and a horseradish mayo. Either that or a steak salad with blue cheese dressing, maybe some steak fried rice?

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          there's a place close to where i used to work that would use what was leftover from their prepared foods to make sandwiches the next day.

          the best: sliced rare tenderloin with horseradish mayo on a baquette.

          not far behind: turkey meatloaf with cranberry mayo on whole grain and seafood cakes with critus mayo.

        2. Stir-fried brown rice with fish sauce cooked in, slivered ginger and garlic, sauteed onions, red pepper, diagonally cut celery, siracha if you like hot, cilantro at the end and some dry-roasted peanuts. Lay steak gently on top to heat a bit without cooking more at the end.

          1. Serve over homemade garlic bread with cheese and maybe mushrooms cooked in burgundy.

            I love filet mignon sandwiches!