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May 13, 2013 09:21 AM

1 week out of uniform and of Texas Food Bliss

I am stationed in Honduras and have a week of leave coming up. Normal people would use it to visit family and friends; I am using it to eat my way across Central Texas. Flying into Houston. Like to concentrate on BBQ and road food, and have built an itinerary around the hiking I will be doing, too. What think ye, fellow foodies, about this itinerary? I have some questions in there, too....If any local foodies want to meet up the week of May 19 at any of these places, that'd be great too!

Arrive in Houston
Dinner in Houston at Lankford Grocery, 88 Dennis Street, Houston
Good breakfast between Houston and Lockhart?? Stop for Kolache in La Grange/ Round Top for pies?
Lunch in Lockhart at Kreuz and Smittys (prime rib)
Dinner in Elgin at Southside for sausage
Best breakfast in Austin ??
Lunch at Hoovers in Austin
Dinner at Uchiko, 4200 North Lamar Austin, Texas 78756
Breakfast between Austin and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area (2 hour drive) ???
Lunch in Hill Country Cupboard, Johnson City
Dinner in Driftwood at the Salt Lick
Anything good for breakfast in Dripping Springs????
Anything good for lunch in Johnson City, Texas, or near???
Dinner in San Antonio at Chris Madrid’s
San Antonio in AM/ Taco House for breakfast
Lunch at City Market in Luling, Texas
Dinner at Houston at Goode Co Texas BBQ

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  1. Uchiko IS VERY GOOD, that being said would definitely reccommend Barley Swine for one dinner in Austin.
    Between ATX and Enchanted Rock...The Pink PIg (from Rebecca Rather) about 8-10 miles E of Fredsbg on 290.
    Skip Chris Madrid's and do Monterey or Feast (Southtown) instead, if you're dead set on a burger...The Cove (5 points).

    1. I would reconsider Goode Co, especially after City Market. None of the meats are remotely close to City Market. If you must go grab some cheese bread for the plane ride, then go somewhere else. No good bbq in Houston for dinner, post on the Houston board for more recs.

      1. Lankford is only open for breakfast and lunch. If you're just looking for a good burger, along the same lines would be Christian's Tailgate (the original on Washington would be my pick), or newer options would be Hubcap Grill in the Heights on 19th, Bernie's Burger Bus (a couple of mobile units) or the Burger Guys on the far west side. Be advised Hubcap is famous for long waits and I'm not sure Bernie's is out much in the evening..

        Texas Food Bliss = kolaches in La Grange??? I think you know what you're doing here! but do you want more than just kolaches? Maybe pick up some breakfast tacos on the way out of town in Houston? Another place I like a lot is Kountry Bakery in Hallettsville, Schulenburg and Weimar - great kolaches too plus cafes that serve meals. However, I've only ever bought kolaches, pastries and bread, never had a meal. The Schulenburg location is less than a mile off I-10.

        You should post on the Austin board for breakfasts (and lunch).

        I'd skip Salt Lick and Goode Co. myself and look for something else, but it's true, the best bbq in Houston is not open in the evening so for dinner you'd have to consider something else. Maybe Goode Co. Seafood just a couple of blocks from the original Goode Co. bbq location for some great Gulf Coast seafood?