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May 13, 2013 09:16 AM

Cleveland weekend - "flexodox" suggestions welcome

I will be staying in a hotel near Cleveland Clinic over a long weekend this summer. I'll be looking for carry-out meals and restaurants as well as Shabbat services. I'd be open to any denomination but prefer traditional davening and don't drive on Shabbat. Likewise, I'm fine with either non-heckshered vegetarian/dairy or kosher meat restaurants/sources. I would rather eat fruit, nuts, hummus and crackers all weekend than bother with mediocre kosher TV-type dinners. Any thoughts?

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  1. Will you have access to a car? There are some decent restaurants/butchers, but they are out in Beachwood. There is possibly something in Cleveland Heights and University Heights too, but I don't know Cleveland that well. I don't think there are many options by the Cleveland Clinic, but I could be wrong.

    1. Here is list of the kosher establishments form the Cleveland Va'ad -

      Other resources I have used while travelling - - it is a bit out of date but will also give you some reviews -

      If you have a smart phone KosherGPS and Kosher Near Me are decent apps

      and for vegetarian options -

      1. thanks for the sites. I'll have a car, but would love some guidance as to which establishments are worth the travel!

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          For non-kosher-certified restaurants, you're probably best off asking on whichever of the Midwest boards includes Cleveland. Most of the people posting here won't have much experience with non-kosher-certified places.

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            I use the reviews in Shamash to help me narrow my choices because I have the reviews to be rather accurate even if out of date -

          2. If it's ok that meat is on the menu, definitely try Tommy's in Cleveland Heights. Classic Cleveland institution for vegetarian food.

            1. Don't know if I'm too late here, but I might be able to help a little. There is no shul within walking distance of Cleveland Clinic. There is a very active Bikur Cholim there, though, and sadly, it is always very busy. You could probably pick up a shabbos minyan there (at the Clinic) if you wanted to. Otherwise, it would be wiser to stay in Cleveland Heights or Beachwood for shabbos. It's too far to walk. As for food, here is the scoop on that vaad list of establishments. There are 3 butchers: Boris, Shimon's, & Tibor's. Boris & Tibor always have take-out available (there is no seating). Tibor makes excellent deli sandwiches (with house-made cold cuts). You can also pick up dairy, frozen, & canned items at both. Shimon's makes excellent take-out, but call ahead to see if he has anything. Some days he cooks, some days he doesn't. Down the street (Taylor Road) from Shimon's is the kosher grocery store, Unger's. It's a small grocery with an excellent bakery. They have wonderful breads & pastries. Between Shimon's & Unger's is Kinneret Pizza. (Hashgacha by a local Rav, so you don't see it on the vaad list) It's good greasy pizza plus lasagna, etc. It's often filled with families & kids. Shimon's & Unger's are in Cleveland Heights. Boris & Tibor are Beachwood. Across from Boris (on Cedar Road) is a little strip shopping center. It houses Sababa, Jerusalem Grill & Issi's Pizza, as well as Lax & Mandel Bakery. Jerusalem Grill (as you would expect) is an Israeli-type meat place. It's traditional Jewish food. It's pretty good. I haven't eaten at Sababa, but I hear it's good--fleishig. The same owner runs Issi's which is very good for pizzas & wraps. They make a great cappucino there. The bagel shop is between Cleveland Heights & Beachwood. There is a sit-down area and they do take out. It's your typical bagel shop; the bagels are very good. It closes early--at 2 PM. They cater to the breakfast & lunch crowd. Lastly, Subway at the J is far away from the Jewish communities, but it is at the J. It's a Subway with both take out & seating. In addition Davis catering will deliver single meals (they do it for local business folk who have meetings at lunch time) for a price. Their food is pretty good. PS--Issi's & Sababa menus are online here: I'm not sure about the other places--try google.