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May 13, 2013 09:13 AM

How have I missed this so far: Yuzu Patisserie (Asheville)

I just came across this article. Has anyone been there ? I recognize this face from the absolute best, most perfect pastry from the Sat. City Market.

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  1. Oh, goody! We need some fine baked goods around here.

    1. Oh my. Pastries are my absolute weakness. I missed this article too. Great bakeries are hard to find. Bread yes, but pastries are tougher. I hear Dough is a sorry disappointment. What I had at Donatelli's was good enough (can't even remember? choc. croissant?), but if I recall, the prices were ridiculous.

      Yet another reason to visit RAD more often!

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      1. re: Scirocco

        IMHO Dough is fantastic. Give them a try...

        1. re: chezdy

          chezdy, there is a coupon available for Dough today on You Get We Give:

      2. Stopped in here yesterday after a White Duck Taco run. I was surprised that it was literally a corner counter within the studio. I don't know why I was surprised, but I had assumed it would have its own seating. There was a table outside under a tree, but that's all I saw, so it's more of a "to go" idea which was fine because that was my plan anyway.

        It was a little after noon and she had maybe 8 offerings. Am assuming there are more earlier in the day? Nice bonus was that they had three items to sample on a little dish. Not one to pass up free pastries, I sampled them all. :) The strawberry/chocolate cake (? brownie?) was delicious, but I didn't think it would survive sitting in the hot car, so opted for a caramel crunch bar to go. I had it last night after I got home. It was good, but the choc/strawberry square sample I had was better. But I could tell the crunch bar had high quality ingredients. The cookie sample I had was incredibly short and melted in your mouth.

        I would love to go back and catch them when they have more choices.

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        1. re: Scirocco

          I don't think you're ever going to find a huge amount of choices. Frankly, I like that about her.

          Oh, and I'm drooling on my desk over the mention of strawberry brownie. That was probably the first think I ever bought from this lady at the Farmers mkt a few years ago and it was SO memorable for me. I loved not only the flavor combo, but the way the strawberry made the brownie a little underbaked at that spot. yeow...i'm such a dessert freak.

          May I suggest those meriinge cookies? don't buy them all, please...but those are spectacular, and just about the only thing that you can count on always being offered.

          1. re: danna

            That was why I loved the brownie too! It was just oh-so-perfectly gooey. I didn't see meringue cookies. I would be very interested in that... I am also a sucker for macaroons. I swoon for the ones at Well Bred.

            She mostly had a selection of crunchy things left. I'm more a cake/pie/gooey stuff girl. That's why I want to go back and see what else she has. There were several empty spots with just labels. :-/

        2. I am happy to say I've been to Yuzu Patisserie! Wonderful pastries, sweet and savory. I like the fact that they're not overly sweet, just very tasty and well done. Definitely check it out!