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May 13, 2013 09:04 AM

Place to eat in Nashville?

Husband and I are going to Nashville. Will only be there for the weekend and one night will be at a wedding. So will only be on our own for Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, and maybe Sunday brunch. No fixed cost but doesn't have to be "fancy" or inexpensive.

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  1. City House
    Rolf & Daughters
    Hattie B's (hot chicken)
    Marche (brunch)
    Tavern (brunch)

    just to name a few places. what part of the city will you be staying in?

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    1. re: pete k

      We're staying downtown but I don't feel like we have to stay in that area. Of course I don't know much about navigating and parking in Nashville. I've had a lot of recommendations for City House for dinner and Marche for brunch from a few friends that used to be locals. A friend also suggested Cafe Margot? Being last minute I don't know if we can make a reservation for City House but I'm going to try.

      1. re: kdkirb

        May still be able reserve for City House if you act quick or are flexible on dining time. That's always my strongest recommendation.

        Margot's always good. You could do that for Sunday brunch instead too. It's sister restaurant is the more casual Marche (not that Margot is that formal).

        Some more to consider: Etch (downtown, maybe a little tougher to get a reservation) and Silly Goose (East Nashville). Silly Goose doesn't take reservations and is very popular so expect an hour wait, but it's truly excellent, creative food and you can wait at Ugly Mugs, the coffee house next door (they'll walk over and get you when you're tables ready).

        If it was me and I had car availability, I would choose City House, with Silly Goose as my backup.

        I would also strongly second the Hattie B's recommendation. It's fantastic, and you could get that for lunch on Saturday if you wanted.

        1. re: gkm23

          Thanks! So far no luck getting a table at City House using Open Table (online reservations) but might try by phone to see if we have better luck!

          1. re: kdkirb

            Silly Goose is fine but I don't know that I'd choose it as my one dinner in town. I'd recommend Rolf & Daughters, Lockeland Table, or Etch over SG.

            CH would be my top rec, though. They do have a small bar, so if you want to take your chances as a walk-in, you might have some luck. Lockeland & Rolf also save out some seats each night for walk-ins.