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May 13, 2013 08:56 AM

Lafayette - Lunch, Best Burger

Last week I went to Lafayette for lunch. The meal was fine, but I have to say the Brisket Burger topped with carmelized onions and raclette was the best burger I've had in years. It was cooked perfectly, medium rare, and as requested leaning more towards the rare. I went their ready to compare my overall experience Balthazar, but overall they are different, in a way hard for me to express. There was something lacking in the airy space, that when you are in Balthazar is more present. It might be the hustle, and bustle the noise level. There was no music, and I can't recall if there is at Balthazar, but if there is that may be the missing piece. It was just missing a dimension I can't pin point.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. We ended up at Lafayette for brunch over the holiday weekend. Really enjoyed the burger. Loosely packed meat, and perfectly pink on the inside (requested medium rare). Delicious.

    Also had a 1/2 dozen oysters (yum), the pate maison (which came with 2 medium sized jars of mustard and cornichons), and the niçoise salad, a small but decent portion of seared tuna, with anchovies, hard boiled egg, olives, capers, shaved fennel, breakfast radishes, green beans, red potatoes, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers. It had a lot of components and was pretty filling.

    Loved their Pampelmousse cocktail: Gin, Lillet Rosé, Grapefruit, Lime, Mint, Campari.

    They were playing music (very softly) and the large and airy space felt nice in the sunlight. Service was excellent. The restaurant was fairly full the entire time we were there (around 1pm to 2ish) but didn't seem all that loud. My husband pointed out some panels of what looked like sound proofing material in the ceiling.

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      Glad you enjoyed the restaurant & burger. I am still thinking about it. Next time I have an urge for one I know where I am going to get it. The drink sounds perfect. Will try it.

    2. tried lafayette for brunch on sunday. the food was quite tasty (i liked my scrambled eggs with chevres vol-au-vant and leeks, which came soft-scrambled inside a croissant-type crust, with a side salad; my parents enjoyed their omelets (even if they were made with the wrong ingredients), and we liked the muffins and croissants) but the service was fairly poor, as if they were doing us a favor by allowing us to eat there. mind you, this was at 10:00 on a sunday, and we were some of the first diners there.

      i had asked for the yogurt with granola and berries for my daugher and had asked for the granola on the side because she can't eat honey (we were told the granola was made with honey). the berries and granola came on the side, but honey was drizzled over the berries, and when i asked for berries without honey, the waitress gave us an attitude. my mother had asked for the brie and asparagus omelet and my father had asked for a goat cheese omelet - my mom's ended up being goat cheese with asparagus; my father's was just brie. pretty annoying, and when we told the manager about this issue he said he was sorry, made some comments about how my daughter was cute, and then walked away.

      and, even though all of us still had a lot of food on our plates, we were asked no less than 5 times by the waitress and then the busboy if they could clear our plates.

      are these minor quibbles? yes. were we being a touch difficult, i suppose. but, they weren't obscene demands.

      anyway, as i said, food was good, but service was lousy. i'd go back, assuming we had a different server.