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May 13, 2013 08:55 AM

Stunning Northern Chinese in Gardena, including XLB!

Stopped into the Tozai Plaza complex at Redondo Beach Boulevard and Western intending to visit Mountain for eclectic Korean and noticed a new place called Dumpling House. It has been open for only a week or two, and as soon as I saw the menu all other plans vanished. We tried XLB, smoked pork pancake with scallion, and lamb with cumin -all were Monterey Park quality. The lamb with cumin was best, spicy, oniony, and delicious.

Service was friendly but amateur, and strangely they served the tea in styrofoam cups. We brought wine and drank it from soup bowls - next time we will bring our own glassware. Bill was $29.00 for more than two people could eat. We will be going back, again and again if it is always this good.

Dumpling House
15486 S. Western, Gardena.

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  1. "strangely they served the tea in styrofoam cups"

    How's this strange? Half the shacks in SGV serve tea in foam cups. I really, REALLY do not like it when XLBs crowd together like this: it's like a bundle of sweaty balls sticking to each other.

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    1. re: TonyC

      I guess I always find it strange when they use foam - more wastage, more expensive, and easier to knock over. As for Proper Dumpling Spacing, I was more focused on taste so didn't notice.

      1. re: FoodObsessive

        Perhaps they don't have the space or money to install the proper equipment for washing and sanitizing silverware and dishes.

        1. re: raytamsgv

          I don't think that's it - they use standard crockery except for styrofoam cups.

      2. re: TonyC

        They look intact though with no signs of leakage or oozing which is a big plus.

        1. re: Porthos

          They were excellent, and not a bit of leakage.

        2. re: TonyC

          They quite definitely do not have room to breathe.

        3. We were at Tozai a couple of fridays ago. We saw the crowd waiting to get in so we headed to Kotohira for udon instead. They should do well there. Obviously nothing like it around for miles.

          1. Thanks for the report. Will have to give a try when my friend who lives in South Bay wants to meet up for dinner....

            1. I just went there for lunch with a coworker and it was great. We ordered onion pancakes for $3.50, a dozen XLB#1 and a dozen XLB#8 for $6.99 per dozen. #1 is shrimp, pork, chive and egg. #8 is beef and onion. Zero leakage. Very tasty with a little soy and vinegar on the side. You have to eat fast or they dry out and get tough. I would never get these to go for that reason.

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              1. re: GoodEatz

                Uhh... surely you mean dumpling#1 and dumpling#8. Or are they actually doing some game-changing xiaolongbaos here with the shrimp/pork/chiver/egg filling and a ridiculous serving size? Beef & Onion xiaolongbao is unheard of in LA. And by nature of the beast, dumpling leakage is a non-issue.

                1. re: TonyC

                  Yes. I am a XLB novice. Except for the filling both #1 and #8 were identical I thought. As for juice, the #8 was juicy but I don't know if it was prepared XLB style. The #1 came on a plate and the #8 came in a steamer tin. Maybe you can fill me in on XLB vs regular steamed dumpling.

                    1. re: TonyC

                      Where are those beef & onion dumplings at ?

                      1. re: kevin

                        From photo #5, apparently Dumpling House in Gardena

                  1. Thanks for the heads up. Since I work in the South Bay, I'm always interested in SB developments for lunch and dinner. Went there Thursday and was pleasantly surprised how good the dumplings were. I greatly enjoyed their Lamb and Green Onion, Pork and Crab. The Pork Pan Fried was good too.

                    I took much of it home and they steamed up very well.

                    They actually have quite an extensive menu beside the dumplings, including hot pots, noodles and seafood.

                    The best dumplings I've had in the South Bay is Peter's Place, but this place is certainly superior.

                    Interested in what our resident Chinese restaurant experts think.