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May 13, 2013 08:54 AM

Nomad -- Walk-ins?? Tonight?!

Quick question for all you knowledgable chowhounders out there:

If I were to show up at Nomad at 7 tonight, any chance a party of two would be seated anywhere for the Nomad experience that's so hard to come by?

When I look on their website -- it seems that there are a myriad of areas w/in the hotel to eat. Do all of these serve the delicious nomad menu? I can't imagine they reserve tables well in advance for all of them.

Am I totally confused here?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The restaurant at The NoMad hotel is broken into several areas, The Atrium (very bright and energetic), The Parlour (more elegent and quiet, crushed red velvet done nicely), The Fireplace Room (closer to feel to the Parlour than the Atrium), the bar area, and The Library. For full meals you would be looking at the Atrium, Parlour, or Fireplace. The Library and bar serves smaller bites. All the areas are serviced by the same wonderful kitchen. The book the 3 areas as if they were 1 although I have requested a specific area in the past, they will do their best to accommodate but I don't know if it would be guaranteed. The bar area is like any other bar but due to popularity they sometimes have to put a "hold" on letting people in. The Library area maintains a waitlist. 7:00PM is a busy time, I see 5:30 rez available but I would encourage you to call and see if they have something available for your time.

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      Spiritchaser -- Thank you for such a helpful and clear explanation! I just called and they can't seat us, but did confirm what you said about the bar having 12 seats that serve the full menu first come first serve. She also suggested that we come earlier than 7 for a better chance at a bar seat. Appreciate it!

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        No problem, I hope it works out for you because it's a great place.

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        To add on, the Library is comprised of more "lounge" and "coffee table" height furniture. While it appears to be 2 levels, the only real seating is on the ground floor. And do they hold some tables for hotel guests.

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          Thank you all! My friend and I walked in at 7 and were promptly seated in the beautiful and bright atrium. I had read that the non alcoholic cocktails are the best in the city and both my friend and i are pregnant -- so we indulged. The cocktails were super good! Delicious dinner snow pea chiffonade salad, baby lettuce salad, tagliatelle w lemon and crab and hake. We shared carrot cake , which was super good. All in a very tasty and fun meal! And relatively affordable to boot!