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May 13, 2013 08:26 AM

Suggestions for a Grilling Cookbook?

I'm interested in learning more about grilling and am looking for recommendations on a cookbook for that. I know the basics... ie how to put a seasoned slab of meat on there and cook it so it's not overcooked and done right, and the basics on grilling a few veggies, but other than that I'm not really an aficionado. I'm looking for a book that has creative ideas to use the grill, meal ideas that can all be done on the grill, and perhaps different marinades/seasonings/sauces too. I currently only have a gas grill, so books that focus more on charcoal BBQ aren't quite what I'm looking for. Helpful websites/blog ideas are welcome too.

So my fine CHers, any suggestions?

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  1. I've found Andrew Schloss' and David Joachim's "Mastering the Grill" to be an excellent book.

    1. I also have a gas grill and a gasser smoker. These 2 books are the most used of all my bbq books The Paul Kirk book has plenty of info, especially about marinades/seasonings/sauces, as well as general grill cooking that may not be geared towards gas powered, but works for me. The CI book provides recipes and techniques and gives directions for both gas and charcoal grills for the same recipe. If you buy only one, this is the one to get.

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      1. I've been enjoying this book which I picked up last year: My Grill: Outdoor Cooking, Australian Style

        I love the photography in this book - especially the pics of Mr Evans, who looks like a real bloke's bloke, out in the Australian wilderness fishing and cooking over an open fire with his mates, as well as the actual recipes. LOL

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          Ooo geekmom he's hot!! I love me a bloke's bloke. I'd buy it just to look at the pictures... SO would just think I was looking at another cookbook :)

          1. re: juliejulez

            And what a bargain price you can get those pictures for right now! ;-)

            1. re: geekmom

              It arrived yesterday :) It's actually a very beautiful book, man pictures aside. The food pictures are great. I haven't had a chance to go through it and bookmark but I flipped through it for a few minutes and the recipes I glanced at look GREAT and right up my alley...interesting enough for me, but not so interesting that the SO won't want to eat them! Thanks for the recommendation!!

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                Cool! I'll be interested to hear what you like from it. I've been pretty happy with the results so far.

        2. How to Grill by Steven Raichlen is outstanding. Has great pictures to show each step of prep.

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            +1 on Raichlen's book. I also forgot about "Smoke & Spice" by the Jamison's. Another classic!

            1. re: amini1

              Steven Raichlen's "Barbecue Bible" is probably my most tattered and often used cookbook in my collection. There is a great range of cultures and cuisines, and detailed grilling instructions.

              Check out his websites to see if you like what he has to offer -- lots of his recipes are online.

              1. re: Terrie H.

                To be clear, I am not recommending "How to Grill" -- I am suggesting "Barbecue Bible." If you are an absolute beginner, "How to Grill" is a good place to start, but "Barbecue Bible" has so many more recipes and cooking tips.

                1. re: Terrie H.

                  +1 for Barbecue Bible. Everyone in my family has a copy, my father has even been gifted a replacement for his first copy because it was tattered. I've barbecued and eaten many of the recipes from this book.

                  1. re: Terrie H.

                    Agree on BBQ Bible. Many great dishes in that book and probably my most used cookbook.

                    1. re: Terrie H.

                      Would you recommend the Barbecue Bible to someone who already has Planet Barbecue?

                      1. re: sharonj

                        I'm afraid I haven't seen Planet Barbecue, so I personally don't know. A comparison of the indices on Amazon might give you an idea of how much overlap there might be.

                        1. re: sharonj

                          If you want more great recipes - yes. I've had Planet Barbecue for several years and I still haven't cooked anything out of it. I've dog-eared plenty of pages, but still return to BBQ Bible all the time. I have to change that.

                          PB is more varied than BB, but I think they're similar. Here's how Raichlen describes the difference...

                          Question: What is the difference from your first big BBQ book, Barbecue Bible and Planet BBQ?

                          Steven Raichlen: In a nutshell, it offers more breadth and depth. Planet Barbecue is the summation of my 15 years in barbecue. Planet Barbecue has more countries (53 versus 25), more people and restaurants, more photos (650)—the first Bible had none. It also contains travel and field photos, technique shots and beauty shots.

                          But the most important difference is the book's first 18 pages—the essays on the History of Barbecue and Grilling with a Conscience. It’s all my interests—history, anthropology, literature, geography, travel, culture, and of course cooking and grilling—all rolled into one.


                          1. re: ARenko

                            Thanks! It's actually reasonably priced on Amazon Kindle so I'm going to add it in that format.

                            1. re: ARenko

                              Sounds like I'm going to have to invest in Planet Barbecue!

                        2. re: amini1

                          +2 on Raichlen's How to Grill--I used it when I was learning to grill and it covers all your meats, your vegetables, even some desserts. Nice section on different grills and accessories.

                          And if you ever decide to get a smoker and go low-n-slow, I'll echo grampart's suggestion of Smoke and Spice. It's not a grilling cookbook, though--its focus is BBQ (and, IIRC, it's geared toward charcoal).

                        3. There are two threads about grilling in the archives, Julie. Here's one that has reports of cooking from different grilling books:

                          Here's the COTM thread for Planet Barbecue by Steven Raichlen:
                          That thread has additional reports for Raising the Salad Bar, which was the co-COTM that month.