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May 13, 2013 08:17 AM

Taste of the Food Terminal - May 25, 2013 - Ontario Food Terminal open house

Last September they had their first open house, and, they are doing another event again in a few weeks. If it is even half as good as last time I highly recommend checking it out. It is a fundraiser for FoodShare which is also a great initiative. Cost is $10 per person but includes lunch and all kinds of samples. I know some of you missed it last time around (old thread link: ). Last year I walked out with bags and bags of fresh produce for free or by donation. It sounds like they have more organized "sales" of product at wholesale pricing this time around.

Here is the event link, I recommend buying it online so you can get into the parking area quicker -

I was impressed how well they had it all organized last time considering it was their first time, and I expect it to be great again this time around.

Unfortunately that is also Doors Open weekend so hard for me to decide what to do :)

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up ylsf!

    1. thank you for posting this!

      i'd love to hear reviews if anyone goes. sadly, my toddler naps from 12-2 so i won't be attending! :(

      1. I'm fully lacking in information about the food terminal so please forgive my basic questions. Do they offer organic product? Are there any small producers or is this mostly large scale farming? Did you see any hard to find or heirloom products last year? Thanks!!

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          Not sure about organic but there is a "farmers' market" area where the small Ontario farmers sell their produce. Then there's the area for the big wholesalers who sell a mix of local and imports. To me, this event is more about getting an inside look at a wholesale food hub that's closed to the public the rest of the year. If you get to buy something, that's a bonus. It's actually fitting that it's on the same weekend as Doors Open.

          1. re: GirlRancher

            It's a great event--unpretentious and fun. Being a west-end person and someone whose family was in the food business, I know how closed the Food Terminal was to the public, and they've done a good job on creating something lively with this.

        2. Sounds good!
          What's the lunch included last year?
          Do we have to buy the fresh produce in large quantity?

          1. Final bump, happening this weekend.