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May 13, 2013 07:46 AM

Zhejiang Chinese Black Rice Vingar

I found some chinese black rice vinegar (zhejiang) in the pantry the other day, but have no idea how it got there / how to use it. All the recipes I've found on the net don't seem so appealing, i.e. braised pig feet, cold aubergine salad etc. do you have any suggestions for other uses? Can it be used as a substitute for regular rice wine vinegar?

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  1. Black vinegar is integral to Sichuanese cuisine. It is a component of Sichuanese wontons, kung pao, bang bang chicken, and hot and sour soup. Consulting a Fuschia Dunlop cookbook will give you plenty of ideas. A good black vinegar from Zhenjiang has a flavor reminiscent of balsamic vinegar and lends itself to substitution there.

    1. Use your black Chinese vinegar as an alternative to balsamic vinegar. You should not substitute it for white (or clear) or red rice vinegars.

      Chinese have three main types of rice vinegars: white or clear, red and black (or brown). Red rice vinegar is preferred for dips while black and white ones are used for braising and dips. Clear vinegars are bolder than black/brown ones. Clear vinegars are often used in cold dishes.

      1. I found that many times, when I had always thought the recipe for a classic mainland Chinese dish would contain soy sauce, it was actually black vinegar.

        Use sparingly, but you'll love it.

        Or just as a dip for jiaozi.

        1. With Julienned Ginger it is the traditional dip for Xiaolongbao (小籠包).
          And as mentioned it it widely used in Szechuan Cooking as well as Shanghai and Zhejiang.

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            Black vinegar is my favourite for dipping dumpling in general.

          2. I think you have gotten some really good advice. Back rice vinegar can be used for braising and for making dipping sauce. It is a good dipping sauce for wonton or xiao long bao