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May 13, 2013 07:26 AM

Unacceptable Sunday brunch at the Black Sheep Tavern in Niantic, CT

Four of us went to the Black Sheep Tavern on Mother’s Day for brunch. We had reservations for their 12:30 p.m. seating (they offer three seatings). At $15.00 the Black Sheep has what is probably the least expensive brunch on the southeast CT shoreline. Well, I guess you get what you pay for.
Although we had made reservations well in advance, - the hostess said that the only available table was a hightop in the bar. The table had backless stools and, as I already noted, it was in the bar.- loud music and all.
They had to have overbooked reservations and accommodated any and all walk-in traffic – because the place had the atmosphere of an airline terminal.
So, we decided to try to make the best of it. Our waitress assured us that she’d be by to take our drink order and get us place settings as soon as possible.
Well, we waited over 30 minutes, but still had nothing in front of us. Couldn’t even get the server’s attention.
I’ve walked out of movies before, but never a restaurant. So, I can’ speak to the quality of the food.
Bye, Bye Black Sheep! Will never be back.
We did salvage lunch at another restaurant.

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