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May 13, 2013 07:22 AM

Oak? No oak?

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  1. How about a little oak, but not too much?

    My taste buds run to wines that are rich in fruit, and I am somewhat of a vintage freak for that reason.

    Every autumn the hardest slot to fill on my buy list is unoaked local reds. They just go better with fish, lighter main courses and modern cooking in general, and now I need them even more as I am limiting myself to 1.5 glasses of white per day until my gout is really under control.

    Moreover, it one of the reasons I shy away from Riojas and prefer Ribera del Dueros.

    Some one gave me a series of very good local reds aged in roasted oak barrels. I've just about given them all away to friends who have invited us for dinner.

    Just give me the fruit!

    1. Would this depend on how much pinot meunier or pinot noir is in the blend? I can imagine the grape varietal would change the decision making process of whether to use oak and how much.

      I like higher percentage blends of pinot meunier or pinot noir - I associate it with more depth and roundness -but it may be that's more reflective of the oak treatment than the grape.