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May 13, 2013 07:19 AM

Eric Asimov: 20 for under $20 -- great suggestions (IMHO)

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  1. I've tried the B├╝rklin-Wolf in other vintages and never liked it. I agree with many others. I didn't know Benanti made a wine for less than $20. Maybe it's only distributed on the East Coast.

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      wine-searcher.com/prof finds Benanti Etna Bianco Biancodicaselle 2010 for $19.99 in NY, $183.99 a six-pack ($30.67) in California.

    2. The Deiss Alsace 'mix' is a great entry into his awesome premier and grand cru terroir as stated.l have used this as one my everyday wines for a while, hard not to like.