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May 13, 2013 06:41 AM

That's Amore in Marlboro, NJ

I just wanted to post this review that I put on Yelp about That's Amore. My wife and her sister wanted to go to Mark Joseph's, but my MIL said no. She wanted That's Amore. This is not Amore, it is a crime.

I went to That's Amore for the first time this past Mother's Day. I was shocked when I opened the menu and saw the prices of $42 - $65 for the entrees. Chicken Parm & Francess was $42. Everything else was $50+.

Additionally, the entree came with potato & Veg and they couldn't sub pasta with the chicken dishes as the waiter said they were too busy and just preparing as per the menu. The entrees came with App, salad, dessert and coffee.

The apps were tiny. The shrimp cocktail has 2 shrimp, the stuffed mushrooms came with 2 mushrooms, etc. They were also served on bread plates which made them look even smaller. I had lobster bisque, it was ok, a bit too thick.

The salad was sitting a pool of brown water. It was supposed to balsamic. I think they put soaking wet greens in a bowl and pour dressing over it and it all just ended up at the bottom of the bowl. Really disgusting.

The entrees were decent sized portions. Everyone said they liked their entree. I ordered a blackened rib eye with rock shrimp aribiata. The shrimp were not rock shrimp (one of my favorites that I always get when in Florida) .What other foods are misrepresented on the menu? Worse they were prepared franchese style with red pepper flakes. Aribiata is spicy TOMATO sauce. The rib eye was over done and I sent it back. They proceeded to bring me raw steak after raw steak. The cook must not have any idea of what he is doing, as the steak felt like jelly before I cut it, a sure sign of rawness. I eventually just asked for a chicken Francess, which was ok. Just standard.

The two cakes for dessert were good, cheesecake and chocolate mouse. The canolli was so small, it was half the size of a mini canoli.

The kids were 14.99 each. Just an entree. They wouldn't give them ice cream for desert, only the cakes that they can't have due to food allergy issues. They told us that they would charge us extra for ice cream.

The worse part...... I looked at their regular menu on the way out and the regular price was $16.99 for Chix Parm WITH PASTA.

We paid $414 for 5 adults and 4 kids.

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  1. Sorry you fell into the restaurant holiday menu trap!

    Just out of curiosity, has your MIL gone there before? I've passed the place for years, and always looked a glorified pizza place to me. Plus the gimmicky name didn't appeal to me.

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    1. re: jrvedivici

      No, she was never there, she just wanted to go. I knew from friends and reviews the place was just ok at best.

      I don't mind paying a little more, but $16.99 to $42.99, is just criminal.

      2 people other than myself posted on Yelp 1 star reviews from yesterday. They went from 4 stars average to 2.5 stars. They are reaping what they sow.

    2. Holy cow, thks for the warning.

      1. I just have to report that for some reason my review was filtered on Yelp and removed. Not sure why, I dont see what could be the problem.

        There were two other posters who also complained about the same dinner. They also filtered one of them.

        When I took a look at the filtered reviews, almost all of them are 1 or 2 star and negative. It makes me very suspect of Yelp.

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        1. re: joestein

          It's filtered because it's your sole review on the site. When your only review is extreme (good or bad), it's easy for it to get flagged. My guess is that the owenrs are keeping an eye on their reviews here, and yelp is accomodating them in filtering the reviews they flag as there are many.

        2. good reason to never go back.......!