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May 13, 2013 06:05 AM

Dinner in the Loop During Twins Games

I'm planning on bringing my sister to dinner tomorrow night and she requested BLG. I noticed that the Twins are playing, and was wondering if any of you had eaten in that area during Twins games. I was originally thinking 6:00pm might be OK, but I could probably push it to 7:30 if that would make things easier.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Make a reservation, and plan time for traffic.

    1. I would say 7:30 would better. I spent a number of years in Boston going to restaurants right near Fenway park about 30 minutes after the ballgame started and it was the best time to go there. I think getting in, etc would be about the same (although I have not been to Bar La Grassa specifically in this situation), but in general, I think it is better to arrive at restaurants just after the craziness is over rather than as all of the craziness is leaving. It makes for a more peaceful and enjoyable experience for me.

      1. 30 minutes after the game is perfect. Plus, there will be plenty of 2 hour parking available.

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          You're saying 30 minutes after the game starts, correct?

          For the record, I didn't end up going that night. I'll be going on Wednesday, when the Twins are safely out of town.