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May 13, 2013 05:43 AM

Coffee meringue pie?

I want to make a coffee meringue pie instead of a lemon one but when I search I only see those coffee fillings with a whole lot of chocolate. I want the coffee flavor to shine and not get overpowered by the chocolate. Last time, I made a coffee cheesecake that used chocolate and NO ONE knew there was a coffee flavor! I don't want this to happen again...does anyone have a coffee pie filling recipe I can try out? (I can accept chocolate in the recipe as long as it doesn't outshine the coffee flavor) thanks so, so much! xo

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  1. Taste of Home has a Coffee Cream pie listed online. It's your standard cooked cream filling using 3 Tblsp of instant coffee granules(no chocolate at all). Use a regular pie crust instead of the choco cookie crust and meringue instead of the coffee flavored whipped cream topping. Might be to your taste.

    1. I don't have what you are looking for, but maybe you could play around with this recipe. It is for a Turkish Coffee Pudding. You could omit the cardamom (it is quite prominent but pleasantly so). I used it as a frozen pie filling with a chocolate crumb crust. I was quite happy with my coffee pie. The chocolate crust complimented the coffee flavor but did not overpower. As for the meringue, I'd say add instant espresso though I think I'd prefer a dollop of whipped cream.


      1. You might want to look up desserts in an Italian cookbook, as many desserts are made with expresso, and ricotta, perhaps that is more in line with what you would be looking for.

        1. Coffee curd made into pie, that sounds interesting.

          1. Here are two recipes for coffee cream pie. Martha Stewart recipes tend to be reliable, but there is the occasional miss. The MS recipe uses chocolate wafers for the crust, and whipped cream for the topping, but there is no reason that a meringue could not be substituted. The second recipe sounds like what you might be looking for, which is a strongly-flavored coffee custard with no chocolate and which includes a meringue topping.