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May 13, 2013 05:22 AM

JOE'S DAIRY CLOSED for retail.

Mentioned on another CH thread, this makes me so sad.

Guess we need a new nail salon or "gift shop" on Sullivan Street. Remember my friend David's comment: If it is sold in a "gift shop," it is something you do not need, but that is another topic.

Let's guess how long nearby Alleva willl hang on.

Where else do people buy mozzarella, apart from DiPalo, which looks to me like they lost business in the past few years, too? Is Eataly the culprit, or do Manhattanites not cook anymore?

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  1. Just I thought, no one cares......can this be the case or I am ust being my usual cranky pessimistic self?

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      I read elsewhere that this was a conscious decision on the part of the owner to concentrate on the wholesale side of the business. I do think it's sad that the storefront is closing, because places like this are few and far betweeen, but I'm glad it wasn't due to an obscene rent hike, as has been the case many times before.

      1. re: erica

        It's a bit strong to assume people don't care. It's more likely that most of Italians that bought mozzarella on a daily or weekly basis when Joe's first opened don't live in the neighborhood anymore or are no longer alive. It's probably more about changing demographics than anything else.
        I live in Brooklyn and when I do buy fresh mozzarella, which isn't often, I'll get it from a cheese shop such as Brooklyn Larder. Sometimes, like Kathryn, I'll go to DiPalo's to get a bunch of stuff for a holiday or a party.

        1. re: erica

          I don't care. If enough people had cared they may have stayed in the retail business. market dynamics and all.
          I buy mozzarella at Buon Italia in Chelsea Market at the back counter; or burrata in the pre-cut cheese case up front opposite check out.

        2. Here's one data point: I often end up buying mozzarella with a bunch of other items at Faicco's and/or Murray's Cheese on Bleecker St, instead.

          1. I find that a lot of people like to do one-stop shopping (including me if I'm pressed for time). I can see a lot of folks buying their mozzarella at Whole Foods Bowery or Tribeca.

            Luckily there's a small Italian grocer near where I live where I buy my fresh mozzarella. Turnover is good that it's always warm when I get it.

            1. The article states that their wholesale business will remain open. Does anyone know of a store that sells Joe's mozzarella, in particular the smoked?

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              1. re: meatme

                Ideal Cheese has carried both smoked and regular in the recent past.....I would call to check that this is still true. They would get deliveries a few times a week. Kept in a refrigerated case, though, as I recall.

                1. re: erica


                  It's shown currently on the Ideal web site, though it will be sad to see it suffocating in plastic wrap in a cold case.


              2. I live on that block[for 35 years],and always loved the smell of smoked mozz drifting up into my apartment....But,fact is, the transient local yuppies and students whose parents pay their rent for overpriced tenements don't cook at home that much.The cooking smells that drifted through our hallways are Gone,except for the restaurant fry-o-laters.The other sad truth is that excepting the basic mozz. product,the turnover of refrigerated product was slow,and their other cheeses weren't in good condition,...what next?macaroons?Nail salons?