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May 13, 2013 01:15 AM

Did I just overheat my Sitram cookware or is this discoloration normal?

I just got my first Sitram Profisere (2lt Saucepan) I guess I'm not quit used to such a quick heating pan, I had it on the electric burner maybe 4 or 5 minutes, dropped a few drops of water to test it and it was way to hot. I let it cool down some then heated it back up and seared a small roast, then let it simmer on low till it was done.

I noticed after cooking and cleaning the pan there is a brownish hue along the outer inside of the pan. I hit it with some baking soda and water and scrubbed to no availi. I'm hoping I didn't just ruin a brand new pan already....

I been cooking with Stainless for as long as I can remember and never had this happen, first time for everything though I guess.

I forgot to try vinegar, so I just wiped it down with vinegar and it seems a lot better. Not trying to be OCD, I just want to make sure it's still safe to use.

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  1. First, you didn't ruin it. It will still cook just fine.

    If you still want the stain gone and vinegar doesn't do the trick, try oven cleaner. I've used it on my own stainless, for really stubborn discoloration. I get the stuff that doesn't need heat, spray the pan, then put it in the garage or on the patio for the night. I don't cover it, just let the cleaner do it's thing. Sparkly stainless results!

    1. Have you tried Barkeeper's Friend. It's what I use on brown stains on All-Clad.

      I'm curious as to how you never got brown staining on your old stainless. It happens from time to time on All-Clad. I can't imagine going for "as long as I can remember" without some brown staining on stainless (silly name).

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      1. re: Jay F

        I've had some food staining, but nothing really like over heat staining that I can remember, Majority of my old stainless was Wolfgang Puck that I bought in the 90's.

        Also I guess I shouldn't say no staining, I have a Multi-clad Cuisinart that I bought a year and a half ago that I cook nothing but rice in it and hand wash, it keeps developing rust on the rim and inside of the pan.

        1. re: comfortablynumb

          I wonder if you could return that Cuisinart pan. It shouldn't rust like that.

          1. re: Jay F

            Yea I was wondering the same thing, but I also have to wonder to the quality of metal there using. Might just be a pan that gets an early retirement and pushed to the back of the cupboard. Might order a couple more Sitram pans, once I can stop looking like a newbie and figure out the heat efficiency thing. Wouldn't mind some All-Clad but there just out of my price range.

            1. re: comfortablynumb

              Can you make it to All-Clad's semi-annual seconds sale?


              If not, always has discounted All-Clad, and sometimes they'll give you an extra 25% off if you buy four seconds.

              1. re: Jay F

                That would be a bit of a drive, but thanks for the link to cookwareandmoresite, def something to think about. I ordered the Sitram from Amazon, not sure where they stored these pans (the sun comes to mind) but the labels looked like they baked onto the pans, it took Bonami and quit a bit of elbow grease (and a few well placed curse words) to get that stuff off.. So if I order more Sitram I'll probably look for another source.

      2. Done that a bunch over the years. Done it with both my Sitram and my All-Clad.

        As Duffy and Jay say, you didn't ruin it. That durability is one of the reasons for buying cookware like Sitram and All Clad.

        For a stain/discoloration, I'd start with BKF as Jay suggested. It has always worked for me on that kind of thing.

        Oven cleaner will also work, per Duffy's suggestion, but I've only resorted to that when I've made a real mess of things with thick, carbonized crud encrusting the bottom of the pan.

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        1. re: JWVideo

          Good point, JW. I start with BKF, too, then a vinegar wash, then oven cleaner. I do use oven cleaner about once a year on the bottom of my fry pans. That's a given. They get pretty crudded up with half-carbonized grease. Oven cleaner turns them bright again, until I splash oil over the side, at least. :)

          1. re: Monch

            Ugh I made the biggest mistake last week, speaking of Cuisinart I bought the chef classic 1qt to make hot cereal in and or small tasks. So I boil water on medium high heat add salt and was about to add oatmeal when I noticed soon as I added the salt there was black flecks all over the pan. So I tturned it off, let it cool washed it (of course I through washed before use) after I washed it and dried it the pan started rusting. I read some one star reviews on Amazon and others had the same issues with both salt burning and rusting in the Chef's classic. So that pos went right back to Amazon after one not even use just boiled water.

            As I mentioned earlier I also have the Cuisinart multi-clad, and after a year and a half of nothing but cooking plain white rice every other day, hand washing, hand drying it recently started showing signs of rust on the lip and a few spots inside. The rust inside I can't seem to get out no matter what I use to clean it.

            Needless to say that is one brand I am more then done with.