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Breakfast/brunch with in 30 min of LAX

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Landing with my Australian boyfriend at 6:30am on a weekday on my first trip home since moving to Oz. A friend who lives an hour outside of LA is picking us up at terminal and dropping off before next flight. Flight for Chicago leaves at 1:30pm. Factoring in 2 hours for customs and 2 hours preflight that gives us 3 hours to catch a bite to eat and maybe a quick stretch of legs.

Any recommendations that factoring in am traffic wont be more than 30-40 minutes? And yes our luggage will be in car, though not much as I plan on shopping while home :)

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    1. re: J.L.

      This is a wonderful place for close by LAX, and good breakfast options, (and as an added benefit you get to dine in a true L.A. classic "Googie" architectural gem).



    2. Original Pancake house
      1756 S PCH Redondo Bch 7a-2p
      Eat At Joe's
      400 N PCH 5:30a-pm
      Chez Melange
      1611 S Catalina Ave Redondo Bch 8a-2:30p
      Uncle Bills
      1305 Highland Manhattan Bch 6a-3p

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        All good recommendations plus I'd add Martha's 22nd St Grill right on the sand in Hermosa Beach and North End Cafe in Manhattan Beach.