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May 12, 2013 09:11 PM

Birthday Dinner! Previous dining experience: Mesa Grill

Want to go to a nice fine dining restaurant. I currently think the best food in the city is from Mesa Grill. I think it's good but know there's more out there!!! Want to keep it under $150 total and will go anywhere in the city. Any suggestions????

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  1. What do you like about Mesa Grill? Southwestern flavors? Grilled meats? The sauces and condiments? It would be helpful to know some of your other favorite restaurants but look into:

    The Marrow
    Colicchio and Sons
    Empellon Taqueria
    Yerba Buena Perry

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    1. re: Riverman500

      Those reconditions are great! Thank you!!!

      1. I have only been to Manhattan a few times so I am certainly no expert; however, my family and I prefer the food and atmosphere of Blue Water Grill (Union Square) over Mesa Grill. The seafood is fantastic.
        Is there any specific cuisine you prefer?

        1. I guess I don't think of Mesa Grill as fine dining. Its a nice place, but I tend to think of it as casual. Is that $150 per person all in? Do you drink or not? If you don't drink, $150 pp will cover a lot of places. Even if you do, assuming you order by the glass, you still have plenty of options. One of my long time favorites is Gramercy Tavern. The prix fixe is $88 if memory serves. Have a glass or two of wine, and the $150 is perfect. Much more of a fine dining place in my mind than Mesa Grill.

          ETA - just checked the website. Prix Fixe is now $92.

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            Thanks! You're right Mesa Grill isn't fine dining. So I suppose I'm looking for finer dining than MG! :) Thanks for the suggestion!