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May 12, 2013 06:41 PM

Mothers' Day 2013 draws to a close. Escapades? Food tales?

Family + food = untold adventures.

So, tell?

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  1. I've been reminded--parties for friends, yes. Parties for family, not so much.

    We had a lovely gathering and gorgeous sunshiney weather. A perfect spring day the likes of which have been hard to come by this year.
    I think I've finally gotten the mexican breakfast casserole recipe dialed in so as not to be too liquidy. Triple the tortillas, 2 c. half and half instead of three.

    I am shocked and astounded by the lack of manners, maturity, common sense and life skills of college age "adults". Random abandoned, partially eaten food items, trash and dirty dishes strewn all over the house by them. Zero regard for those visiting the bar or food stations after them or how they might be leaving public spaces for other guests. They are bratty little kids in more annoying, bigger packages. Our five year old neighbor WHO IS IN KINDERGARTEN is more capable, responsible and considerate. She's also a better conversationalist and has a longer attention span.
    Yikes. If this represents the majority, we are so, so screwed.

    1. Had a lovely relaxed day. In my neck of the woods mother's day is alive and well. John and I went on a last minute shopping trip saturday night hitting a grocery store about ten pm and walmart about eleven. People of all ages were buying bouquets, balloons and cakes.
      Since mothers' day is the biggest restaurant day of the entire year around here my family got take out. It was all planned ahead, korean fried chicken wings and watermelon slices with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.
      I did notice something interesting and it might of been a fluke but today, the day after mothers' day our favorite thai place was packed, mostly with older women. Usually this place is sleepy on mondays. Everyone seemed very happy /shrug

      1. Brunch for 17 and the men young and old took kitchen detail. The gals covered the music and mocktails/cocktails.

        So what did the men come up with? Shrimp cocktail, ham & cheese quiche, store bought pastries & bagels, bacon & sausage, MOMosas's, a fresh fruit platter, a triple cream cheese platter, my youngest baked lemon & blueberry bars and sour cream coffee cake and the coffee bar consisted of mocha java and cappi's.

        There were fresh flowers arrangements and an impromptu sing a long about the women. NJ sunshine, good company, all our kids home from college or off from work together under one roof.

        Doesn't get any better than that.

        1. How about you Kris in B?