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May 12, 2013 06:30 PM

30th Birthday Recommnedation: Atera or Torrisi Italian Specialties Tasting menu?

I'm taking my boyfriend for his 30th birthday and he deserves it. He's an adventurous food writer with fancy shmansy taste. We've already been to Torrisi for the regular menu awhile ago. Never been to Atera -- what do you recommend? I'll be throwing a party separately for his friends, but this is the main event.

He's curious about how Atera's menu different from Momo Ko and EMP.

I'm interested in ambiance and good service. Any information is so much appreciated.

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  1. Atera is an excellent choice. I've dined frequently at Momofuku Ko, many times at EMP, and twice at Atera. Their menus are completely different, but all are excellent. Both Atera and Ko are counter dining, and Atera's counter dining is more luxurious. Both Atera and EMP have extensive wine lists. Ko is the "bargain" of the three at $125. While I find service at all three restaurants to be excellent, EMP is the finest in the service category of all NYC restaurants (not limited to the three you've listed). I've never been to Torrisi.