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May 12, 2013 02:37 PM

Aman's E Norriton under new ownership

Recent visits to Aman's in E Norriton resulted in food that was not up to the standard we have been used to from this Indian restaurant. So we headed over to Aman's Bistro in Chalfont and found some great, spicy wonderful food. We questioned the manager and asked why their sister restaurant in East Norriton seemed to serve such different, lower quality food. And that is when we learned that the East Norriton restaurant has been sold and it is no longer related to Aman's Bistro. The new owners are serving food that is very different from the Aman's that we knew for so many years.

There is some good news--Aman's Bistro is opening a true sister restaurant in Phoenixville some time in July.

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