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May 12, 2013 02:19 PM

Looking for fermented black beans

Hi all,

Does anyone know where to get fermented black beans in the Boston area? I bought a pack a while back and am almost out, and can't remember where I found them.

I assume Hong Kong Market in Allston must have them, but I couldn't find them last time I was there. If they *are* hidden somewhere there, does anyone remember which aisle to look in?


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  1. Hong Kong market has been a little scarce on quite a few items recently, but they seem to have just restocked (my favorite Chinese style yellow raisins now back in stock.)

    Any Chinese grocery (Chinatown, or Washington St in the South End) should carry fermented black beans.

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      I agree that just about any Chinatown grocery store carries them. One important note: They aren't always labeled "fermented black beans." They may be labeled "salted black beans" or just "black beans." The key is to check the ingredients and make sure it's very basic, along the lines of "black beans and salt" or "soy beans, salt."

    2. The last time I bought some at HKM, they were in the same aisle as the soy sauces, toban jian, etc.

      1. since we are on this topic; what is the best kind of fermented black beans?

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        1. re: cambridgedoctpr

          The dry ones in a pouch, bag, or box, not the bottled ones.

        2. We buy fermented black beans at the Hong Kong Market in Malden at 188 Commercial St. I can't tell you in which aisle they're located though. The stock seems to move around every now and then.