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May 12, 2013 01:59 PM

Kitchen Nightmares -- Amy's Baking Company Scottsdale -- Spoilers

Okay, I have to ask if anyone watched Kitchen Nightmares Friday (5/10/2013) which featured Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Ariz. I have to admit, this is possibly the absolute best Kitchen Nightmares episode I've ever seen. Ramsay finally got fed up with these people and walked out.
The episode was pre-leaked online and since the episode social media with yelp and FB has been totally lit up.
I watched it and I have to say if even half of what was on the show was true.... these people shouldn't be running across the street, much less a restaurant.
and it sounds like she had a history from years back from going on yelp and attacking a complaining customer. Possibly the craziest and best Kitchen Nightmares ever.

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  1. I saw it!!!! Totally the best one ever. I'm so glad that he walked out on them. My husband insists that they are just trying to get themselves a reality show of their own (and in this day and age it might work). I hope to heck no one takes the bait. Those people are just horrendous. I kind of hate to admit that I watch this show, but this was the pay off, big time.

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      I loved that at the end they just cut the music and let Ramsay talk, then showed the camera crew pulling up stakes and moving out. I guess the guy who was on the show who got assaulted and bullied out of the place has also posted on Yelp about his experience. Craziest thing ever!

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        I loved when Ramsey asked the diners if they assumed the tips were going to the waitress and then told them they weren't.

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          I didn't realize it til I watched it again that one of the camera crew was out there inbetween the guest and the guy owner trying to stop a full out brawl after the police were called. And Gordon was soooooo nice to these crazy people. It's like he knew they were mentally unstable and didn't want to get a big full on dose of crazy early on.

    2. I actually like Gordon, it's good entertainment for foodies. The KN episode on Amy's Kitchen was unreal, the owners are certifiable. I don't like the current Hell's Kitchen either, where do they get these people?
      The best thing GR did recently was Ultimate Cookery. Great stuff, no swearing, practical advice, loved it!

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        I liked him on this episode. He was much quieter and was kind and praised her baking and the decor and cleanliness of the kitchen... but man as soon as he critiqued the food it was a whole different thing.
        (and yes I think HK is very shouty and crazy.... but I still watch it every single time!)

      2. I watched it and those people did not need Gordon Ramsey. They needed a psychiatrist. I thought it was very interesting that he realized he couldn't help someone who won't be helped and walked out. First time for that I think. I love all of his shows. KN shows how there are so many people in the restaurant business who should not be there.

        1. ITA that this was the most entertaining KN EVER.

          I'm sure there's a good deal of fakery on "reality" shows, but unless these two are Meryl Streep and Laurence Olivier, there is no way they could fake that kind of crazy.

          1. That was FABULOUS!

            I read this thread and then watched it on demand.

            Crazy raccoon eyed lady is clearly in need of counseling.