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May 12, 2013 01:54 PM

Need a BBQ caterer in NH

We're celebrating our 25th anniversary with a backyard party and wanted to hire a good BBQ caterer, any recommendations?

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  1. I think it depends if you want a full service caterer or if you are looking just for food. Gabi's BBQ is a great food truck, but I don't know if they provide other services aside from food. The Riverhouse Cafe in Milford does backyard weddings, though not necessarily authentic BBQ.

    1. One thing you should consider is on site cooking vs "drop off" cooking . The former costs more, but it not only adds atmosphere, but you can usually see it being cooked and can get better quality. Plus, it doesn't travel well over longer distances, tending to get a steamy flavor/texture.

      Also, time of day is important vs type of meat you order. Recently we had an event catered and my friend ordered pulled pork and chicken . The chicken was fine, but the pulled pork ( needing much longer to cook ) was obviously cooked before hand and reheated on site, with a predictable and disappointing effect on texture and taste. Ribs and chicken take half the time brisket and pulled pork do, something to keep in mind.

      Some BBQ places do good food, but do not have catering licenses. Generally though, if they do catering, their website will have it. If you are planning on a summer weekend, book soon as those dates tend to fill up fast.

      To the OP, knowing where in NH you are located would help.

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        Thanks for the responses! We are definitely looking for a catered BBQ with on site cooking. We're located in Londonderry NH and it would be a mid day party. I've read some reviews for KC's ribshack but we haven't been able to try it yet and I'd also like to see what other options we have.

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          KC Rib Shack is probably the closest option that I can think of .

          A bit farther away is Goody Coles Smokehouse. I prefer their Q over KC, for the most part . For sides, Goodys wins , the sides at KC were a little bland the times I have been there .

          Read the reviews on this site to give you a rough comparison between the two as well as find other places. The reviewer has been to a lot of places, and luckily for you they seem to be two of the better ones in NH:

          Goody Coles:

          KC Rib Shack:

          Curiously, their catering page indicates some reluctance to go over 50 people .

          Either way, I think you'll do fine with either one. Just book soon if its a weekend.

      2. Try Goody Cole's inBrentwood. Good Q and I'm pretty sure sure they cater.