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A Toute Heure - A Quick Lunch Review

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Friday, I was home on my last day of "Staycation" and we decided to run over to A Toute Heure in Cranford to do take-out from their lunch menu. We've had dinner there a few times, always wonderful. Yes, this was going to be pricey, but hey, it was vacation.

We both had exactly the same thing, their daily grilled cheese, soup and cookie combo. Friday it was a soft pecorino, ham, pesto and fennel on country bread (hope I'm getting that all right). Soup was potato with undertones of cumin and paprika - kind of spicy, really yummy. The cookie was Key Lime and honestly, I need the recipe for these! We also ordered french fries to split.

Everything was fantastic. And, way too much food. I think we easily could have split one of those grilled cheese sammies between us - it was huge (ATH, while pricey, is known for giving really nice sized portions).

Came out to about $40ish with tip and tax for the two of us. Geez, I usually spend around $15 for lunch in NYC daily for not even half as good. There are less expensive options; some for around $10-$12 for the same deal - meal, soup or home made chips and cookie.

Go. Now. Great splurge :)

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  1. Nice review. I haven't been to A Toute Heure is too long. So, thanks for the reminder!

    1. One of my top three restaurants in NJ! Love it.