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May 12, 2013 12:42 PM

London with picky 9-year-old vegetarian

We're spending a week in London in June with my 9-year-old stepson, who is strictly vegetarian and a bit picky about food - nothing "spicy" (eg black pepper), favorite foods are pizza and Kraft-style mac and cheese. He's somewhat adventurous otherwise - enjoys plain black beans and rice with tomatoes and cheese, Asian noodles and other pastas, lots of different veggies and whole grains. My husband and I are omnivores (though we love vegetarian/vegan food), enjoy spice, and are looking forward to trying the local city/regional specialties (especially Indian food and local beers).

Any recommendations for places that will have a good range of quality options for all? We'll be staying in Bayswater, so recommendations near there are especially appreciated, but we're also happy to travel and will have a fridge and mini-kitchen at the hotel. A range of prices/atmospheres is also helpful - we'll likely do at least a couple fancy dinners/lunches (he's very well-behaved and I'm thinking Ottolenghi would be amazing for him if we can get a res), but are mostly looking for places that are a good value and pretty informal.

So far this thread ( seems to have the most helpful advice, but any additional recs would be much appreciated!

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  1. Highly recommend Tibits for lunch, a fun scene with interesting veggie food.

    1. If you're staying in Bayswater then there's a couple of places on Westbourne Grove I'd recommend.

      Fresco is a small chain that does very good juices, wraps and mezze. Nothing revolutionary but good choice for vegges and non vegges alike. Plenty of choice and you can mix an match.
      Also on Westbourne Grove is Arancina a Sicillian pizza place. I really like their pizzas and again lots to suit everyone.
      There's also a Planet Organic shop on Westbourne Grove who do very good salads and sandwiches.

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          I ate there once a few years back. The place was so crowded and noisy that I remember that factor more than I remember what I consumed.

        2. hello, what about the Leon chain? We have their cookbooks and I have eaten there once, plenty veggie options and child friendly. Also Byron has some great salads, veggie burgers and really good milkshakes. Seem counterintuitive to go to a burger place but if he doesn't mind then there are plenty of locations.

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            The vegetarian burger at patty & bun is highly recomended

          2. While I'm not it's biggest fan, but seeing as though you'll have a fridge and want to stock up on supplies go shopping at Whole Foods on Kensington High Street and try Saf for interesting vegan/raw cuisine on the 1st floor.


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              You mean the floor above the ground floor? :-) It took me a few years to get used to this nomenclature.

              Saf makes a really good veggie burger.