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May 12, 2013 12:14 PM

London - Sunday Dim Sum Brunch at Joy King Lau

Joy King Lau is one of the restaurants in the Chinatown vicinity that opens fairly early (11am) for dim sum on Sunday. What we had today:

- "Siu mai": steamed pork-prawn dumplings - pretty well-done here. Tasty.

- "Har-kau": Steamed prawn dumplings - well-marinated prawns and bamboo shoots, but the skin was a bit chewy.

- "Cha siu-bao": Steamed Chinese barbecued-caramel pork buns - not thebest I'd had in London, but satisfying all the same.

- "Ngau yuk kau": Steamed minced beef ball dumplings - best item we had here - smooth texture and nice flavours.

- "Wu kok": Crisp, deep-fried yam dumplings with minced pork-mushroom flling - stodgier skin than what a good "wu kok" should be, but the requisite flavours were there.

Overall, not the best dim sum I'd had in London - that honour goes to Royal China Club ( on Baker St, Marylebone - but credit goes to Joy King Lau for preserving all the traditional tastes of each dim sum item there right to a 't'. What you get here is good old-fashioned Cantonese cooking.

Address details
Joy King Lau
3 Leicester Street
London WC2H 7BL
Tel: +44 2074371132/ +44 2074371133

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