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May 12, 2013 11:36 AM

south of the river

Looking for something good South of the river

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  1. Well, you have Polvo's on S. First for some excellent guajillo fajitas.

    I love Green Mesquite's wings and okra with a schooner of beer on the patio. A warm Austin fuzzy for me.

    Red's Porch is slightly better than average burgers and the view is something.

    Barley Swine is supposed to be amazing, as is Lenoir.

    Sway's food is a flavor bomb, but a bit high-priced for my tastes and I HATE the communal seating.

    Fran's, you will be missed.

    1. Zax (crab cakes, tortilla soup, grilled polenta, pulled pork quesadilla and 512 IPA)

      Maudie's (fajita tacos, Rockin Ruthann's, Maggie's plate)

      Man Bites Dog (Abe Froman with tots)

      And of course El Meson, Barley Swine, Uchi, etc.

      1. How far south? Southeast or southwest?

        Jack Allen's in Oak Hill gets well deserved raves for their modern southern food.

        There's great Indian food to be found at Asiana on William Cannon, and wonderful pan dulces, tortas and more at Chuy's Panderia in the same shopping center. Further east, Mi Ranchito on William Cannon & Pleasant Valley (inside the convenience store) will blow you away with their homemade plates and wide variety of salsas.

        Evangeline Cafe and Cypress Grill are both nice Cajun cafes south of the river. Some of the best fried fish and crawfish are found on Stassney Rd. @ Cherry Creek Catfish - I highly recommend this one. I've also had nice meals in the past at BakeHouse, but it has been many years so I can't tell you how they are currently doing.

        Closer in, I enjoy the Thai @ Sap's near Central Market.

        All this great food, and I'm still south of Ben White!