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May 12, 2013 11:34 AM

Too much salt in pomodoro sauce

How do you neutralize too much salt in a chunky marinara sauce?

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  1. Just start over. Even if you hide the flavour, the extra sodium is still there. Too much sodium is bad for you. Just my opinion. Good luck

    1. Peel a potato, cut it in half and put both pieces in the marinara sauce while cooking. The potato will absorb much of the excess salt.

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          add more tomato. not neutralzing, but diluting.

      1. Potatoes aren't smart enough to selectively absorb salt. They absorb liquid. So adding a potato is the same as spooning out some of the sauce. It doesn't make it less salty.

        Your best bet is to make more sauce without salt and combine them.

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        1. Depending on how much you over salted it, you could perhaps just double or triple the recipe. If you really over did it, I would just start over as well.

          1. Is this a sauce you made, or a canned/jarred one? Either way, once the salt is dissolved the only thing you can do is add more liquid to dilute it.

            For future reference, for home-made sauces add the salt just before serving, and use less of it. I've found that using kosher salt just at serving time tricks the tongue into thinking that there's more salt than there is in the dish. For packaged sauces, the only thing you can do is read the label.