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May 12, 2013 09:38 AM

Any reports on Del Campo?

Hello all: My wife and I (chowhounds from San Francisco) will be visiting DC in June and are curious about Del Campo. The website and style reminds us quite a bit of some wonderful experiences in Patagonia. But DC is such a food-rich town that we don't want to waste our time if it's not up to snuff. Anyone try it yet?

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  1. Just went this past weekend - they took over a previous restaurant space and I love the redo. Cocktail list is really fun, my husband got the Papa Porteno which was amazing. Service was really great. Food sort of ran the gamut - the bread they serve is really good, I would skip the seared provolone as it was greasy. The peruvian chicken was SO good and the steaks were great, as you would expect. The only real loser were the prawns a la plancha which was also the most expensive. I will certainly be back and I think its a good addition to the DC scene as we dont have anything remotely like it.

    1. Any updates? Thinking about making a reservation here for a friend's birthday. He is a pretty "big" eater--enjoys meat and potatoes but with a bit of a gourmet twist so I thought this would be a good match but haven't heard much buzz. Any thoughts?